Top 5 Hardest Platinum Trophies To Collect

LAG Writes: "Today I have compiled a list of what I believe are the top 5 most difficult Platinum Trophies to collect. Putting them into an order was very difficult because, all 5 platinum’s require a lot of skill and time. If you’re looking for a challenge, these are the games to get!"

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moofo2721d ago

Nice list, i have to agree :P they are friggen hard ones

ainsz2721d ago

GTA IV definitley, the online trophies are just ridiculous!

JBaby3432721d ago

Warhawk is the only one of those I have and it is freaking impossible. I wonder why some devs make them so hard.

trainsinrdr2721d ago

What about FarCry2 or even Bad Company 1.

JBaby3432721d ago

Far Cry 2 is definitely rough but I'm only 2 trophies away from Plat in Bad Company. Trying to get the "20 teammate spawn" trophy and the "however many kills online" trophy. Sadly my BC1 game stopped reading in my PS3 and I have moved on to BC2.

bruddahmanmatt2721d ago

Agreed on FC2 and BC1. FC2 is a ridiculous GRIND in multiplayer. BC1 is close to impossible without some asinine luck on your side given some of the requirements for a couple of the patches.

Wipeout HD is also pretty brutal, not much of a grind but just damn hard because of the skill required. I'd also say that Motorstorm: Pacific Rift falls into that category as well, online anyway.

Marceles2721d ago

Street Fighter 4: I actually did all the trials for SF4, I just need to gold all of survival and do the online medals. I even playtinumed MK vs. DC.

Warhawk isn't bad but it's really time consuming getting all of those rank trophies. If you didn't play it day one then you can forget platinuming that.

Star Ocean 4 is ridiculously hard lol...I want to get it though :D

Lost Planet 2, never was interested in the game really. I rented it from Gamefly but let my brother play it and then took it back.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is hard to do the legit way, but people glitch it and watch replays which make the trophies unlock

Hard platinums:

Far Cry 2
White Knight Chronicles
Star Ocean 4
Virtua Tennis 2009
Fight Night Round 4

beastgamer2721d ago

no freaking demon souls???

norman292720d ago

What about GT5, collecting 1000 cars, getting gold in every race (races licenses and special events) and doing all those endurance races

Bounkass2720d ago

ainsz, GTA IV isn't hard. Far from. It's just time consuming. Don't mess time consuming up with diffculty... PM me if you want the platinum.

Biggest2720d ago

Star Ocean 4 is plain ridiculous.

thereapersson2720d ago

Those are certainly a rewarding thing to unlock. But, I really, REALLY hate online-only trophies (multiplayer trophies). You're effectively alienating and punishing those players who don't spend every waking moment practicing in a multiplayer environment. The online grinding for some trophies irks the shit out of me. I'd like to have some sense of accomplishment, but since I actually have a life outside of my TV, there are those games out there that I know I'll never platinum. :(

RedDragan2720d ago

There is nothing that compares to the GT5 Platinum. As already said above:

Over 1,000 cars
Gold in all A-Spec races
Gold in all B-Spec races
Gold in all Special Events
Gold in all Licences

The vast majority of people can't even complete the Sebestian Vettel challenge, let alone get the full 1,000+ cars.

GT5 Platinum is the mecca of PS3 Platinum Trophies.

gaffyh2720d ago

@RedDragan - True, but those trophies are still possible. In Warhawk there are a couple of trophies that are near-impossible if you don't cheat. There's one to finish a Team Deathmatch, be the top Player AND have no deaths. And if you think that's bad, there's the same one, but for normal Deathmatch.

JBaby3432720d ago

@gaffyh: I did the deathmatch one but not team deathmatch. I'll admit it is a great deal of luck.

crxss2720d ago

I see no one's heard of WipeOut HD, otherwise it would have been listed in the coments already, that game's hard to freaking Gold lol

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red2tango2721d ago

SOCOM Confrontation isn't up there. Try getting 15 kills in a row without taking damage.

pixelsword2721d ago

SOCOM: Confrontation is the hardest one, next to whatever else.

JoGam2720d ago

I have two friends that have the Socom Confrontation Platinums.

red2tango2720d ago

I know people that have it, but it's not a large number. It takes a long time and takes a lot of skill and luck (probably done early when more noobs were present).

Rettom2720d ago

I was about to write that.

Koromaro2720d ago

I couldn't even get one trophy =(

RedDevils2720d ago

no Wipeout HD is the hardest try getting it

JBaby3432720d ago

I wonder if there is a game that not a single person has the platinum for. That would be an interesting thing for Sony to release.

red2tango2720d ago

I got a disagree because you think a game is harder than what I said? I never said it was the hardest, I'm just saying it should be up there.

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harrisk9542721d ago

I know the usual suspects that make theses lists. But, what about a game like MLB: The Show... I don't know how anyone gets a Platinum on that game where so many trophies are luck-based as opposed to skill based.

admiralvic2720d ago

The biggest mistake many people (including those that made the list) forget is that time = difficulty. A lot of games are long and if luck comes into play its STILL just a long grind to finally have it happened.

By this logic the hardest platinum would be Pachi Para because you have ZERO control over anything the machine does and Sam's reach can take 200+ hours to get ONE TIME. On the other hand if you have a turbo controller you can just turbo platinum given enough time.

Maybe its me, but I never got the point of these lists. The average hardcore fighting game fan can do all the street fighter/blazblue/MK challenges/trials in a few hours. There were people who platinumed SSFIV on day 5. The same can be said of any game really... If you play a lot of hack/slash games then NGS2 will be easier than the average person. If you dont like grinding WKC can seem impossible. etc, etc, etc.

hamburger1232721d ago

ugg just reading it sounds exausting

Black-Helghast2720d ago

Come on...We all know the hardest platinum ever is Terminator Salvation..

No but seriously, Demon Souls and Socom: Confrontation said Hello.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2720d ago

Demon's Souls plat isn't hard to get at all. Half of them are just for beating the game. And the rest for making the best type of weapon per stone type, which takes not that many hours to grind and collect, especially if you have the right equipment.

Mikeyy2720d ago


Sounds like you found Deamon Souls to be easy. Im waiting to borrow it from my friend to find out first hand what kind of hell this game is...

Cheeseknight282720d ago


Play smart and don't screw around, it's not that hard of a game. Quick hit and runs won't get you killed in it.

Just don't play it like Fable or Dragon Age and you'll be fine.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2720d ago


Honestly, it is an easy game, you just can't rush it. Take your time, learn how your enemy moves and learn went to counter, that's all there is to it.

helghast1022720d ago

Demon's Souls is a rather easy Platinum once you know how to play it.
The only thing that REALLY makes it difficult is PURE BLADESTONE, and even then it's down to luck, shit my friend got a Pure Bladestone just from playing normally, no farming.

Glad Star Ocean 4 is acknowledged on this, i've completed that damn game 3 times and only have 21%, it's ridiculous.

Greyfoxdbz2720d ago

@ Vashlion and CheeseyKnight28
If its so easy guys, why do you feel the need to give him advice on how not to die. Trust me Mickeyy it is hard, you will just learn techniques that will make you die less. And you will die a lot, whether you accidentally roll off a ledge or get gang raped by Maneater.

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ExplicitG2721d ago

Easier than them 5 games, especially if boosted.

Jason942721d ago

I am not gonna lie but I would never even attempt to go for half of these. My trophy cabinet is a couple of bronzes, silvers at the most. It's too much effort haha

waltyftm2721d ago

Now those are some seriously hard Trophies, I heard Chuck Norris has them all.

JBaby3432721d ago

I heard he got them in a single gaming session.

ainsz2721d ago

I heard Chuck Norris is in this discussion, somewhere...

Man In Black2721d ago

He was, but Vin Diesel killed him.

Swiggins2721d ago Show
UnSelf2721d ago

google chuck norris and click im feeling lucky

Swiggins2721d ago

@ Pixelsword

More like this...

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Ares842721d ago

Some of those aren't hard just takes a lot of time to get. I would put Mortal Kombat there as well if time matters because you will need a ton of time to get a platinum with that. To master each characters takes more than 10 hours easily.

Miiikeyyy2721d ago

To master a character u have to play with them for over 24 hours. so It would take over a month to get the master all characters trophy/achievement