Nyan Cat Invades Duke Nukem Forever

Nyan Cat has invaded Duke Nukem Forever, nothing will stop it now.

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nogoodnamesleft2602d ago

all you people pray for the nyan messias while hypnotoad is rubbing his hands together muwhahaha ALL GLORY TO HYPNOTOAD!
flying spaghetti monster says hii!

TheBeast2602d ago

All be slaved to the Hypno Toad!

SonyNGP2602d ago

I have no idea, but I want some of it!

Red_Phoenix2602d ago

Really? Why was this even approved?

Lf_sIcKmAn2602d ago

Because some of us enjoy the funny stuff you get to do on some games?

Megaton2602d ago

Buffer madness with this video, and it wasn't even worth the trouble.