Can Crytek make Kinect a hardcore hit?

CVG: If you were to compile a shortlist of developers that are pretty much guaranteed to deliver a solid hardcore experience every time, Crytek would be somewhere near the top.

Although there are only two IPs of note to the studio's name - Crysis and Far Cry - they are two franchises known for their uncompromising AAA production values and rich, expensive environments. It's often exactly what a hardcore high-end fanatic is looking for.

With the coming and going of E3, you can now add Ryse to the Crytek library. Formally Codename Kingdoms, Ryse is the Roman sword and shield brawler with enough blood to make the Kinectimals kids lose a whole chunk of their childhood.

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firemassacre2723d ago

ofcourse, just look at kinectimals, thats a hardcore hit, kinect is full of hardcore hits.

ATiElite2722d ago

Hardcore and Kinect do not belong in the same sentence. Even my sentence is horribly wrong.

mendicant2722d ago

So where would you put Rise of Nightmares, Steel Battalion and Project D?

I suppose those would be rated "E."

Hardcore and Kinect do belong in the same sentence. It just takes time and effort. I'd much rather have them take their time and not flood Kinect with shovel ware than at the very least attempting to do something new.

Stop hating.


Doing what you do best I see.

"Keep up the good work." Bernie Mack

Ranshak2722d ago

Think its safe to say both Kinect and Move have been terrible failures as long as the hardcore is concerned.

Imo the best motion sensing device is still the mouse.

slavish32723d ago

yeah they can. look at rise of nightmares

r212722d ago

content of the game does seem 'hardcore' but the way its played seems to be not that hardcore IMO.

peowpeow2722d ago

Yeah, is hardcore now just about theme?

Convas2723d ago

I really hope that Ryse is not Kinect only. I don't want Kinect! GAHH.

r212722d ago

i read somewhere that it isnt a kinect only game, it is also playable with a normal controller, i think.

heres a link:

MrSpace2723d ago

I think Crytek will back off Microsoft when they find out it hasn't done as well as they hoped.

mendicant2722d ago

And that belief is based off of what exactly?

MrSpace2722d ago

Probably ever other Kinect game Microsoft said is "core" but fails in sales.

5119ent2722d ago

Last year....wait till next year

ATiElite2722d ago

next year........wait till next year

5119ent2722d ago

following year....the new xbox...kinect what

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