Steam Summer Camp-Day 6

Day six of the awesome steam summer camp has arrived. Check out the list of new games on sale, aswell as what achievements will get you some tickets.

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caperjim2723d ago

Everyday so far i purchased a game or two but these games dont interest me. Looking forward to tomorrow!!

Ranshak2723d ago

Picked up the following so far:

Dawn of war 2
Assassins creed brother hood
need for speed shift 2

all for 65usd, this goes on ill be good until the next sale.

danielle0072723d ago

Ooo I just picked up two of the STALKER games. Prettttty excited, I've always wanted to try them and at $5 and $3.74 I really couldn't pass them up. :D

Megaton2723d ago

Nothing for me today. Still holding out for The Witcher and Killing Floor to hit $5 each.

Add me on Steam if anyone wants to play something.

...and join the N4G Steam group.

MerkinMax2723d ago

Does anyone know of just the Counter Strike games have gone on sale yet?

Megaton2723d ago

Half-Life series has, and Garry's Mod is $2.50, but not Counterstrike. Well... CS is on sale, but it hasn't been a daily ultra sale yet.

MerkinMax2723d ago

I got GMOD but everyone recommends CS Source to go with it. And I already have 6 of the games in Valves complete pack so I can't justify that. Thanks for the answer though.

Kamikaze1352723d ago

I picked up Guild Wars Trilogy....I just tried the demo for Beat Hazard and it seems pretty cool. I'm thinking of buying it.

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