Uncharted 3 Beta: 10 Fixes That Need To Be Made

GB: "The Uncharted 3 beta has been running for a fair few days now. Whilst it is a highly enjoyable evolution of the series' multiplayer, nothing is perfect in this world. For all the improvements made to the Uncharted series, here are ten small fixes that could still be made before the game launches in its entirety."

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DA_SHREDDER2717d ago

Bullet Sponge effect!!!!!!

crxss2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

I have the creepy crawler kickback and it is overpowered when used properly. Then again it also costs the most medals (17) and can easily be negated with a grenade making it completely useless. I think it's fine the way it is.

I can get at most 4 medal kickbacks with the cluster grenade (10) which is far more overpowered cause you continue to rack up medals when you activate it. Still I don't think they should tweak anything with either the cluster grenade or the creepy crawler since I only get that many medals cause I'm good; I'll be in 1st place of the winning team 99% percent of the time. If you don't believe me add me on psn or just look for the red naughtydog emblem when you're playing a game.

KwietStorm2717d ago

Is this a critique of the beta or a gloat fest? Nobody cares man.

crxss2716d ago

@*quietstorm clearly a critique. just adding the fact that it's not easy for most to get some kickbacks.

Pixel_Pusher2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Health levels are fine Shredder. We're not going back to UC2 BS so get used to it.


No this is what I would call boasting/gloating. Can you see the difference? ; D

EliteAssass1n2717d ago

I'm so happy it's back to normal.

Pixel_Pusher2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )


Absolutely and if you check my second link @1:10 you'd see exactly why. It's not the similar COD BS of who see's whom first point and shoot but more about strategy, map knowledge and quick thinking. It definitely gives the game a lot more depth.

Gray-Fox-Type02717d ago

there is alot of tweaking to do and balancing . Very unfair and unbalanced game.

Tank_Commander_E62717d ago


What a perfectly over exaggerated statement.

CaptainPunch2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Please fix the sprinting, the melee, the bullet damage, the recoil. Basically I want the multiplayer to feel just like Uncharted 2 just with more features. If you played the multiplayer in UC2 for a while then you know what I'm talking about. Don't change the gameplay, add new features!

*sigh* yet again I'm getting disagrees for stating my opinion that many fans of the multiplayer in Uncharted 2 with agree with. Just check the forums at Naughty Dog and you'll see.

By the way if you're gonna disagree because you're a fanboy then at least give me a reason. This is coming from a guy who played the shit out of the multiplayer in Uncharted 2.

RedDevils2717d ago

yeah same here, I love UC2 multiplayer more than UC3

nycredude2717d ago

I disagree because if you guys want to play uncharted 2 then you can just pop the disc in and play it.

CaptainPunch2717d ago

Yeah because I want to play a two year old game when something new is out. Please that argument doesn't work here. Plus no one barely plays Uncharted 2 online, only the try hards do. I fail to see your logic...anyone else care to disagree? Stupid fanboys I swear.

LOGICWINS2717d ago

"Plus no one barely plays Uncharted 2 online, only the try hards do."

LOL, your making no sense! If the UC2 formula was soooo good as you say, then it would be chock full of players regardless of how old it is. Buddy, COD4 came out in 2006 and it takes on average only ten SECONDS to get in a match.

If a game is good, people will play it no matter how old it is.

crxss2717d ago

@nycredude Win

@gamingfeud I've played the shit out of U2 as well and I can say U3's multiplayer is much better. And what's up with " Plus no one barely plays Uncharted 2 online"................. Lmao

@LOGICWINS THANK YOU for catching the above sentence, I rofl'd when I first read his argument. However your grammar's logic doesn't win: "*you're making no sense" :)

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Redempteur2717d ago

i disagreed .

This is uncharted 3 not uncharted 2 ..

All you want is more of the same, then you're perfectly fine with U2 .. not need to force yourself to love this.

uncharted 2 MP was just not fluid for me ... Now in the beta i have more option to just play the game how i want and there are several things to give a chance to everyone to have fun..

In u2 MP , the only ones having fun are the ones winning.. in the beta i can still have fun even when i'm not winning the match .. that's how great U3 beta is IMO. it's faster, and it's still fun ..and the maps are changing so you have to adapt to the changes in real time.

Conclusion : this is U3 , not U2 .

Simco8762717d ago

Agree with this. Why do you think CoD/Halo/Battlefield all those multiplayer games keep the same formula?

U2 was amazing, and I find U3 a ZZZzzzZZZ.... fest

I played U2 over CoD and all those other "popular" multi-player games, but U3 is just plain boring

BeaArthur2717d ago

You must mean U2 version 2.0 where they had to adjust the health system to accommodate all the scrubs who weren't talented enough to kill people when the game came out. I can only imagine that's the version you played since you seem to want to nerf everything.

Unicron2717d ago

Agreed. Leave the damn health alone. They pull a 1.05 patch style scrub update, they're killin the game for me again.

BeaArthur2717d ago

Couldn't agree more. Thought U2 was flawless when it came out but then all of the Call of Duty kids got a hold of it and instead of just sticking with CoD they decided to f**k up our game instead. It's like god forbid it actually takes some skill to shoot somebody.

vickers5002716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

"It's like god forbid it actually takes some skill to shoot somebody."

What skill? Now they've made it easier for pansy ass cowards to simply do a roll into cover and regenerate health in a few seconds after being pumped full of 20 rounds of ammunition. Being able to react quicker AND being able to aim better is what skill truly is, not simply being able to aim better.

Uncharted 3 mp is going to be perfect for you cowards who like to cower in fear in a corner. Hey, but why stop there? Why don't they give you a teleport perk that puts you across the map out of harms way so you don't actually have to fight anyone?

The content in u3 mp I'm sure will be great, but if the mechanics are anything like the beta, it will suck. They need to make it like Uncharted 2 post patch (and no, it was not like call of duty). In uncharted 2, it wasn't a case of "first person to see the other dies" like you morons make it out to be. It didn't take 3 or 4 shots to kill someone like in cod, but it didn't take more than half a clip of ammunition to kill someone (and it SHOULDN'T unless it's a game like halo where you have some kind of special armor or overshield/forcefield).

Bullet sponge mechanics suck. So do tissue paper bodies, but Uncharted 2 post patch was neither of those things, it was a perfect hybrid of the two, not too much and not too little.

Damn pansy gamers these days who think they should still survive after being shot 20 times with an ak47, get some real skill and learn to react quickly and shoot, rather than react by taking cover and regaining all your health in 2 seconds like a b*tch. Own up to your own mistakes and shortcomings and face the death you deserve like a man and don't blame it on bs non-existent reasons like "oh it's only because he saw me first, not because I suck".

BeaArthur2716d ago

You sound like one of the scrubs I was referencing. I never had a problem killing people in U2. And who was talking about camping or hiding? Your the only one complaining about camping, get some skill then come talk to me.

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BX812717d ago

I agree there is no reason that should've changed the amount of damage you can take or sometimes needing 3 melee hits to get a kill, that's just redic. I think the core elements shouldn't be tweeked unless they weren't good but UC2's damage and melees were spot on. The addition of all the other crap is fine because no one really wants to play the exact same game over again so I'm cool with that but I do agree the melee/damage needs to be fixed.

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Nitrowolf22717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

I'm actually okay with the Taunts. They need to be fast for obvious reasons.

Melee needs fixing and damage needs little more adjustment. I like it a lot, but there are some fixes it needs. That's why its called a beta so we can address these things to them. Hopefully we see a fix before the beta ends to get an idea of what it'll be like.

LOGICWINS2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )


1. Fix the melee distance. I swear to God people zoom in on me like the Flash when I gt meleed.

2. Sometimes when I throw grenades, they don't go off. Fix that.

3. When two people melee each other, I see two often that they BOTH die. When I CLEARLY hit someone first and they they hell do they hit me back(and kill me) when I gt the melee kill first?

If your dead, then you CAN'T hit people!

BryanBegins2717d ago

I actually can't believe the 2-players-died-in-a-melee is still there! That was an annoying thing in UC2 and was like 100% sure they would fix that for UC3...

MachoMoustachio2717d ago

I like the taunts, nothing like doing the Pump over a person you just shotgunned.

KwietStorm2717d ago

That looked stupid in the last game, and it looks stupid now. I can't believe how high they made you rank up in Uncharted 2 just to unlock it.

Redempteur2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )


1) the weapons are fine you get default ones and better ones but exposed . the default ones are fine . having one or two guys with more levels camping on teh location of better weapon making you unable to win on the long run ISN'T FUN.

2) i dunno how you want the melee system to work online , without lag and without slowing down everyone ? 2 punches to kill someone, unless it's a surprise attack . Besides the new melee system is a single player feature and was never talked for multiplayer

3)"creepy crawler kickback seems absurdly overpowered"
you need a lot of medal to activate it ...yes it's powerfull but you can't climb ladders and you can't touch people hanging. AND you can kill someone in this state ..there is a medal to do so ...

4)Poor AI
seriously ?
play with humans in the beta then !! oh wait .

5) taunts are fine .. some are serious , some are stupid all are awesome .. and it's part of the gameplay're really the first *********** to complain about it

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