No universal Nintendo network for Wii U

Nintendo of America's President Reggie Fils-Aime has discussed further the firm's plans for Wii U's online capabilities, and suggested that Nintendo may open the console up for publisher-specific networks, rather than launch a universal online service similar to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

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Shok2691d ago

That could be a good thing or bad thing. That might mean we have to make accounts for each companies game (EA account, Ubiosft account, Activision account) but at the same time, at least this means we won't have to deal with Nintendo's BS.

But as long as Nintendo gives us a unified friend's list and basic online features like chat rooms and such I'll be fine.

handheldwars22691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

It will be the best possible thing for big publishers. But kinda sad for indie devs...

NewMonday2690d ago

this could mean we have to have different friend list for every publishers network

Spitfire_Riggz2690d ago

Well.. I see this as being like Metal Gear online... and that was annoying to be honest

N4g_null2690d ago

Believe me it's a good thing. Nintendo can easily link any account with the hardware address on the system.

This also opens up cross platform play. Ds vs pc vs wiiu. Nintendo just doesn't want online they want it to matter.

What is cool indies could make their own wow now on a console. Also I'm sure there are enough server clients built into the engines we use to do just fine.

What is even cooler is gamers can setup their own servers if developers choose this. The door is wide open to great online gaming. Another thing that could now be possible is console based mods. On top of this imagine using the wiiu drawing feature to make your own maps for a 3d game!

I'm not crazy about user made content but giving gamers some design tool that are close to what the pros use is a win for every one. Except the ones trying to charge for some thing we already have on pc for free.

AO1JMM2690d ago

Could be awesome especially for Steam like functions for Valve games.

Are we getting individual logins on the WiiU like we have on 360/PS3?

N4g_null2690d ago

Looks like the shop thing will still be there so I'm thinking yeah devs just have a choice to use it or not. All of the pc developers are very capable of providing rich server support to engine buyers and even do it your self clan servers. Lots of people actually have way better server setups than most developers actually oc3 college IT mostly lol.

This also opens the door up for an indie to try and challenge ms and sonys online setups in regards to different services.

Cable companies could go directly to nintendo and strike a deal. I'm sure next flix is there. Yet imagine your cable box being a wiiu also and the dvr with your own USB terabyte drive would be so sick! Heck sling box could get in on it also.

Google could even ride this if the right deals where made.

The investors have no idea!

KeiserSosay47882690d ago

Totally agree....Steam should jump on this one. Could be great for everyone.

LeXxXiNgToN2690d ago

I wonder if this could mean things like PS3 - Wii U Cross Platform Play. From what I under stand the reason the there was no cross platform play with PS3 - 360 was that MS ran a closed network.

KingDustero2690d ago

If Sony and Nintendo wanted to then they could easily have cross-platform play between their consoles. At least the PS3 and Wii U. With the PS4 it is another story because it may be in another league, just like the PS3 and Wii, so games wouldn't be equal across the platforms.

Anyways as a gamer I think this is one of the DUMBEST things Nintendo could have done. It really does show they don't know squat about what gamers want from an online network service. This just puts the last nail in the coffin for me. I'll for sure be passing it up now.

N4g_null2690d ago

Wow you don't know much about online gaming. Ok first the ps3 isn't going to be much better than the wiiu. Sony will be using arm CPUs or IBM again. The wiius current chip is pretty much their best unless you want a server chip in your next console which along cost $600. Then we have graphics the highest it can go is the current pc spec with the only difference being new shader operations and increasing performance on stuff like tessalation which the wiiu can do now, example the fish in the lake of the bird demo. The newest lighting tech is in there too. Sooooooooo if Sony tries to buy it's fan base again with a truely nividia like over priced console then that could be the nail for them.

Ok so back to the network. Each engines network code dies not rely on graphics if it can run at 60fps which I'm assuming the ps4 should be able to do since the wiiu can. That is all that is needed for the console to do. In it's most simplistic view. The server Handles every thing else and can even do the physics on the server side.

Right now Sony makes server for no one in the Corp market IBM does but Sony doesn't so there isn't an advantage.

You really have to tone down the Sony is god of all tech thinking because they are not. They have style and do some creative tech but they are more of a contributor than a true leader in tech and software.

Nintendo is smart they can easily pay for some one way better. And this is exactly what they are doing.

mttrackmaster382689d ago

@scissor_runner Are you from the future?

matey2690d ago

its obviously a more powerful Online than both HD twins just not offering 1 service 4 all but dont be thinking u will have to pay 4 individual accounts it wil be free but DLC will be the main money spinner 4 individual publishers and u will end up with a more robust online as publishers have had problems with Live/PSN now they can apply there best efforts with wiiu it has video chat/voice chat/so its already 1 step ahead add this with individual best efforts and u have a Unique online presence.

SpitTake2690d ago

what the fuck are you talking about? You all was pull all these facts out of your ass. YOU DON'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT THE WIIU SPECS OR FEATURES STOP ACTING LIKE YOU DO.

n4gisatroll2690d ago

Seriously, it's like the ps2 allover again. I hated making a new account for each game.

NukaCola2690d ago

Should still allow you to have an online user name registered on nintendo's servers, but use it on the games. I mean the individual games have their own networks anyway. This makes me think that there will be limited online features for the console itself, and on a scarier note, what if Activision or EA have full control to were they run their games online on the Wii U fully. I don't want crazy fees on Wii U COD.

Has anyone heard if FriendCodes are still around or are they finally getting cut out of the network?

matey2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Look its not ps2 all over again did that have video chat/voice chat could that display what your friends are doing online on your personal Upad could ps2 display dlc while the tv is off could ps2 play a full game on its controller could the ps2 have open online like on pc/wiiu no could the ps2 even do online properly with no lag no this is a next gen console that isnt making developers have to abide by xboxlive or psn constraints in other words devs/pubs have to make there online the way microsoft/sony say so with there closed online approach open online is the future 4 big games not oh ill have achievements on every game when only 30% of games need them if atall the wiiu is very powerfull and with video chat/voice chat/open online its already better than live oh it costs nothing and u get the best efforts fron 3rd partys as EA have stated they dont always like xboxlive features 4 all there games now Nintendo are here to end that rubbish and prove open online is better for a good relationship with 3rd partys instead of u have to do it this way if u think a console with at least graphics 5 times the ps3 will have a less powerful online presence than a major less powerful console your stupid the wii was ps2 now the wiiu's online is ps2 last time i looked at ps2 it was terrible to look at games/online/services ect u guys on here hold the ps2 in some pretty big lights its a silly comparison and i think u guys get confused with powerful and a company providing a closed network service that every game has to be the same myamoto said they are not trying to have the best online service he didnt mean our online functions will be poor in comparison but they wont offer a service thats a closed enviroment this way EA/UBISOFT/ACTIVISION ect can make online better than what they have been pushed into in the past with live/psn just with video chat the wiiu has better online

1 friend code per wiiu is what has been said so far u xbox fanboys need to stop making such strong opinions about nintendo when u dont follow whats been officially said

DeadlyFire2690d ago

Sounds alot like PS2's online to me. Although I know it will be different and enhanced a bit from a decade ago. At least that is my hope.

One universal login for every game + unified friends list + cross game chat is more than enough features to wish for for this setup. With that it won't be a burden. I would be very happy to see each publisher create their own online, but still with a Nintendo ID you have under your control. It gives developers more freedom and diversity. More diversity in an experience the more likely you are to come back to it.

N4g_null2690d ago

It's actualy more like the pc now. Ps2 did not allow user servers and other online stores. The other difference is choice. Every thing is up in the air but the chatting will be universal with video which they are working on and support for watching some one elses game is being talked about also along with semless joins right in the middle of a game.

Cross game chat etc is going to be all nintendo with the gaming part being who ever has the chops to do it better than nintendos villinia online setup.

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