The Reality of the PS4 Rumors

Rumors are piling up about the possibility of the PlayStation 4 rearing its beautiful head sometime next year, and not just as a system reveal. Taiwanese manufacturing companies are saying that they will begin production of consumer models soon for release in 2012. PS4 next year? You should be excited, right? Well, hold your horses a bit because besides the loads of rumors to wade through, one must also consider the reality of what the rumored system could actually be.

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pixboy2723d ago

I personally think it's too early for the PS4. They wanted a much bigger lifespan for the PS3 and if they release the next console so suddenly, they may as well admit the PS3 was a failure (in their eyes not mine).

I like the PS3 a lot, and think there is more it can offer. The Wii U isn't quite a big enough threat to bring a totally new console so soon.

However, with that being said... The most I can see is a small reveal at next years E3...

pungello882723d ago

Yeah I doubt they'd pass up on an opportunity to tease us at at least 1 E3. Maybe they just want to get in the system before doomsday

Cwalk8162723d ago

PS4 in 2012 doesn't seem like the right time considering Sony, and Microsoft have been bragging about how much console life their current consoles have, it's pretty much saying, "We weren't serious about that".

jmobley2723d ago

ps4 already? we only need ps3 for a little while longer. Lets keep the system alive for a couple more years, then we'll talk.

ksense2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

I really have a feeling this is going to be ps3.5 which will release with most of the features people have been asking for like extra ram and vita type xmb and kinect like motion controls (although this is not something a lot of us want) without any graphical upgrade and it will still only play ps3 games and release for 299.99 and they will drop the price of the original ps3 for 199.99 when it launches late 2012. Just a hunch

the question is how many will actually buy a new version of ps3 with all the features people have been asking for. I think i will buy it

rmoar2723d ago

I think your scenario is the most likely one. I'm sure Playstation will release something in 2012, I just doubt it will be 'next-gen'.

TinaLauro2723d ago

I don't know, dudes. I wrote earlier that there are reports about a massive overhaul of PSn that sounds remarkably like it came off the back of Microsoft's E3 news. That indicated that they may be preparing for a new console sooner than we think, maybe.

jmobley2723d ago

well they are in development right now, I just think we need a few years until we buy another one

JBaby3432723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

I think they will give it more time. The PS3 is still bringing out new features like 3D and Move support and the games are still looking noticeably better than their predecessors such as Killzone 3 and Uncharted 3 not to mention that Sony will want to milk the hardware as much as possible to recoup as much as they can from the hard hit they took at the start of this gen. When the advances stop coming so quickly and people stop being surprised by what is produced by the console then it will be time. Another 2-3 years I think.

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