Video Games that should made into MMOs

Ever wanted one of your favorite games to be MMOs? Here's a list of popular games that should be made into an MMO. Some of the games on the list may be farfetched but it's a cool idea otherwise.

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ichimaru3976d ago

elder scrolls mmo would look hideous due to the amount of detail neede. in the single player of oblivion a lone the textures aand enviorment look good, even with all of the things going on ,and the size of the map is ginormous. and with the amount of costomization avaible, psn and xbl would crash lol.

Leathersoup3976d ago

...Bethesda just purchased

DethWish3976d ago

Uhh wait... did you ever play WoW?
There you have an enormous map >_>

Lionsguard3975d ago

Uhh did you ever play Oblivion? There are probably more textures in 1 city than there is in all of Azeroth. An Elderscrolls MMO seems inevitable but I don't expect it for many many years, probably 5-6-7 years down when technology MIGHT be able to allow something as detailed as Oblivion to run as an MMO and even then I expect lower looking res and textures than Single player Elderscrolls.

freakyzeeky3976d ago

I would love to see Super Mario World, MMORPG style! :D

Wii60PS3DSPSP3976d ago

Legend of Zelda would work better imo.

ichimaru3976d ago

need for speed nad call of duty mmo definatly,Commander and Conquer too

ichimaru3976d ago (Edited 3976d ago )

double post

DethWish3976d ago

WHAT?!? Halo??? NFS??? Company of Heroes??? Leisure Suit Larry??? ( honestly wtf..)

The sims already exists/existed (dunno)
And for Dungeon Siege.. plz pick Diablo instead kthx

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The story is too old to be commented.