On Sale Next Week in North America

Call of Duty 4, Fire Emblem, Socom, and a whole slew of expansions arrive next week in North America.The amount of games coming to DS this week is almost disgusting, but only a few are worth mentioning. As per usual all games you should care about are bolded for your viewing enjoyment. What will you be buying?

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cooke153734d ago

Crocs please stop reporting for no reason. thanks

jiggyjay3734d ago

Talking about a great deal! If you want COD4 get it for the 360 because Circuit City is offering a free copy of COD3 and a poster. Best Buy is also offering a offering with its copy of COD4 for xbox 360 a free dvd of "Behind Enemy Lines" and you can also get $20 off a wireless headset! Awesome deal for a game of the year candidate!

original seed3734d ago

I couldn't get enough of the beta.

crocs3734d ago

Can't you read?

That site is ghetto anyway...

cooke153734d ago

the site is ghetto? lol good reason for reporting there buddy.

ichimaru3734d ago

hasn't the beta ended already???

IGNFTW3734d ago


Spinitus3734d ago

im gonna own you lol thats if u get for the 360.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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