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MachoMoustachio2423d ago

No Trophy patch for Fall of Man.

Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid decision Insomniac.

trainsinrdr2423d ago

Why do need a stupid trophy to tell you how to play a game.

afterMoth2423d ago

Because he wants the computer to pat him on the back and say good job once he walked through the first level.

zootang2423d ago


Everyone likes a pat on the back.

2423d ago
Close_Second2423d ago

Because if you have owned the game in the past it gives you a reason to play through again. This deal is ok for those who are new to the franchise.

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sinncross2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

There was a post a few weeks back from Sony explaining that patching an older game for trophy support was by no means easy or cheap.

Hopefully this pack drums up more support for Resiatnce 3 :)

telekineticmantis2423d ago

but still deciding between R3, and BF3. for my FPS.

execution172423d ago

I'm going to try and get both >.> then debate on November's purchases

Sevir042423d ago

For me it's no question! R3 for story, and battle field as well but after R3, for november its only reserved for uncharted 3! :-) no hard decisions for me

user83971442423d ago

I will get Resistance 3 since Resistance: FOM was my 1st ps3 game.