More than a girl: changing the gamer girl stereotype

Audrey Watters - freelance writer at Read Write Web, amongst other sites - recently wrote an article reviewing claims that game developers are neglecting the female gender in designing their products. There’s an inevitable sweeping generalization made when people throw around the term “gamification” - a (generally monetization-focused) concept that anything can be transformed into an act of play - and determine that “we’re all gamers now,” but simultaneously claim that we’re somehow still not all the same. Women are recognized as a wholly separate category of gamer than male gamers, and this concept confounds me.

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MrSpace2720d ago

This female author gets it

"I don't think developers are ignoring the female market. I think they're just trying to make good games based on the precedent that has been set"

She's right....of course their not ignoring them they are just going for what the majority of gamers are into. If your a girl a feel like this then I'm sorry but developers and gaming in general has and will be always aimed at the male market first. Back in the day when games were just coming out female gamers were rare, there wasn't as many as there is now. Look at the PS1 it's grey, it's bulky looking and wasn't really made to appeal to both genders...thats the thing about males, we don't care about how pretty something looks we just got on with it and looked past these bulky games consoles (at the time) to see games with explosions, gun fights, blood, gore, car chases, a gorilla kidnapping a women with a plumer trying to rescue her etc and that's why we played those games.

I think, in my own personal opinion, that with the Wii coming out in 2006 this is why all this girl gamer nonsense and not having equal rights crap started to come out. The Wii is casual and made gaming today more main stream. You have to girl gamers you have the ones who are actually gamers and don't care about what games have in them and then you have girl gamers who all they want to do is complain and show off how "special" they are for being one making the real girl gamers look bad and put in the same stereotype. For example at the start of most online matches "Girl Gamers here and your going to be beat by a girl", which follows from abuse from everyone (which everyone does, it's like a boys club), she feels upset and moans about it but the next match that she plays she will do it all again not learning her lesson from before. Honestly what girl gamer needs to state something like this at the start of the match, I bet the real girl gamers don't do it and I bet they just get on with the match. I think really those group of "Girl Gamers" who moan and complain about stuff should open their eyes and realise that it's gaming...this is what everyone likes if you don't like it then your not a gamer.

lotusaurusrex2720d ago

ESA states that women already account for nearly half of the game players anyway, a figure significantly higher than even recent years. Either someone is finding ways to appeal to women or women are changing their tastes in games.

Tons of newer games allow the player to select a character of appropriate sex, even if they tend to stick with the male in advertising. Clearly developers are starting to realize that women are a segment of their audience.

I agree with Mr. Space in that there are plenty of women gamers out there who don't make a big deal out of their sex. They just want to play games. I play with several like that, and I tend to do worse than them to begin with. Video game talent is not carried on the Y chromosome.

EDD2132720d ago

How does stan playing WoW fit this article?

Kakihara2720d ago

I usually find these 'the place of girl gamers in today's gaming world' articles to be dumb reactionary bullshit but this was a fucking brilliantly written and insightful piece of work.

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