Top Five Games That Need Some Zombies Injected into Them

GPT: "With the rumored upcoming DLC for LA Noire involving zombies it seems every game is jumping on the reanimated bandwagon. Rockstar especially has loved to tap into this market lately but so have other games and franchises. The following are five titles that could use a boost of the walking dead for a twist on the usual formula. None of these titles have any sort of planned zombie mode, this is just one person making a case for a twist on the normal."

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GunShotEddy2720d ago

What is that WWE image? Looks like The Flood from Halo as a wrestler.

ShyGuy132720d ago

I get a Resident Evil 5 impression..the Majini or whatever.

DanSolo2720d ago

I think Battlefield 3 would be perfect for a Zombie mode download.

It has big maps, vehicles, and destruction....
So you could be holed up in a building fending off the undead as they swarm towards you, then when you finally got over-run you could escape to a vehicle and drive to the next base, ect.

You could also have a cool team based mode where you and the opposite team both have a base, and have different objectives pop up, like a horde mode where you are under attack and have to fight them off, then when you had done that the next objective could be something like you have to get to a part of the map to get something (food, ammo, fuel ect), and have a few different rotating modes like that (a bit like Warzone in KZ3).

There are literally soo many things that could be easily added in, that I think it would be an awesome mode that would go well as an extra.... a bit like in BF:BC2 Vietnam has it's own section on the menu.... just imagine the Zombie one right next to it... I Know I'd Buy It!

Raichu502720d ago

Wow I'd love to play Call of Duty with zombies

Xof2720d ago

No game ever needs zombies.

They're lame as hell and always have been. I can't believe how popular these slow-moving, brainless green fuckers have gotten this generation. They're easily the LEAST threatening videogame monster this side of a slime.