Kojima: LA Noire will "change the direction of adventure games

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima says that the MotionScan performance capture technology used in LA Noire is "a huge element that from now on will change the direction of adventure games" - but says he will not be using it in his next game

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BeastlyRig2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

I could change the face of it?

firemassacre2723d ago

changed the faces of it yea

Kee2723d ago

Direction, not face.

Kamikaze1352723d ago

He should have said "Change the face of adventure games"...btw, is LA Noire even considered an adventure game?

Optical_Matrix2723d ago

Games like LA Noire, Monkey Island etc are adventure games. Don't gas yourself

Kamikaze1352723d ago

Monkey Island, yeah...L.A. Noire, nope. But if lying to yourself makes you feel better, by all means, believe it.

qwertyz2723d ago

la noire isn't an adventure game lol kojima is talking smack.......AGAIN! lol love this guy

Der_Kommandant2723d ago

Just imagine Metal Gear with L.A. Noire Facial Capture Technology...

CaptCalvin2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

They'd have to find people who look exactly like Snake and other characters in the MGS universe and forget any hope of a natural looking eye-tracking.

VampiricDragon2723d ago

la niore is good game but its not amazing. the reviews are high 80's

Knghtz2723d ago

More to games than a number. I will agree that it's not the best game this year or anything but its face capture technology will probably ruin some future games for me. At least until the tech becomes standard in video games.

CaptCalvin2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

I hope not. At least not in it's current stage. The technology isn't anything special in my opinion. It's just more advanced equipment that captures an object in real life and translate it into polygons and textures. How the character looks, what expression he puts on, and most importantly where his eyeballs are fixed, is at the mercy of the actor. I always thought that the eyeball movement in LA Noire was unnatural because the way his eyeballs interacts with his surroundings just seemed off. This is VERY hard to get right with this technology. If AI interaction is to be more advanced in the future, then facial animations need to be more dynamic, which facial capture technology is incapable of providing, at least just yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.