Barrel Roll Podcast #123 – “Astro-Grover”

On the one-hundred and twenty-third podshow, we are joined by our long lost co-host, Wesley Johnson. He returns from times and places unknown where he was no doubt on a most excellent adventure. He brings tales of Galaga Legions DX and the mechanical wizardry of Trenched. He also speaks of mysteries and hobos in Condemned.

Jesse has delved deeper in the strange mecha-filled lands of Danball Senki, and is joined by Jonah and Adam in talks of the ancient games from Game Boy’s past. Namely, Super Mario Land (AKA: Why Mario is boring now) and Kirby’s Dream Land (did you know extra mode adds in challenge?).

Together, the guys discuss recent Supreme Court decisions on violent video games, games that are coming to Europe but not North America, and why Jesse thinks James Pond is one of the worst games ever made.

All this and more on Barrel Roll! #123 – “Astro-Grover”.

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