Prey 2 Game Director Talks Quick-Time Events writes, "Quick-time events are always an interesting discussion for video game fans. Some gamers love them and how they're implemented, while a rather large portion seems to hate their very existence. With that being said, what would you think about quick-time events being involved in Prey 2?"

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hazelamy2694d ago

this sums up my feelings.


I would love to string up whoever it was that came up with the idea!

I would not mind so much if they were in the occasional game, but as with most things they are slowly taking over everything. Why do I want quick time events in an fps? Just another noob friendly way to make things "accessible" for the masses. lets not give them a real combo to learn, lets do the combo for them, they just have to press A and to make sure they do press A at the right time, lets slap a big fat flashing green "A" right accross the screen. If they miss it, lets just do a rewind on the whole thing and let them try and press "A" again!!! F%"£^KING QUICK BU"^T !!

lzim2694d ago

Couldn't hate them more, and I firmly believe they are the ruin of the NFS franchise, but in a game like Prey 2 when you kind of expect big bad ass boss fights, it was almost a given that they would be included. I'm not sad to hear they aren't.. or glad. It ends up being the decision of the developer to add them or not and for them to be appropriate.. Not for them to be a huge portion of the game as in NFS:TR. Especially in an action game where as mentioned above you're expected to have enough skill to use all of your moves. If you can't die and start over. Or hide in a corner and recover your health.

In something like an RPG it makes sense to pepper long levels with QTEs as a puzzle element, not a subsitute for real action with the consequence of death.