Crystal Dynamics discusses new IP

Crystal Dynamics' Studio Head Darrell Gallagher has teased details about the studio's upcoming new IP, suggesting that the game will be a character-driven action/adventure.

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Inside_out2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Everybody who watched the M$ press event saw what these guys are capable of. I think M$ should use some of those BILLIONS in net profit to get these guys to make a game for xbox 360, they obviously have an incredible game engine.

If Rare is not going to put Perfect Dark zero to use, why not licence it to these guys who could really make it shine???

lociefer2692d ago

fck that, get ur asses back to legacy of kain after amy delivers her masterpiece

Pozzle2691d ago

The things I would do for a new Legacy of Kain game...

maniacmayhem2691d ago

Wow, i was thinking the same thing. Perfect Dark is just sitting there. MS should lend this license out to a note worthy 3rd party dev and have them turn it out. Nintendo and capcom do it all the time.

And yea i would kill for a new or even an HD remake of Legacy of Kain...with the same voice actors of course.

TheDivine2691d ago

I want more lara croft games, not tomb raider (although that is one of my most anticipated titles) but more isometric games like guardian of light. I thought that was the best downloadable game this gen. These guys have talent, cant wait to see what it is.

Cajun Chicken2691d ago

Bring back Akuji the Heartless!