Team Bondi Dropped by Rockstar: Is This the End?

After the release of L.A. Noire it seemed that Team Bondi would go on to do great things with renowned publisher Rockstar by it’s side. After the recent scandal concerning working conditions and bullying at Team Bondi during L.A. Noire’s development, however, Rockstar has decided that it will not publish the developer’s next game. Does this spell the end for Team Bondi? Read on for more.

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maxcavsm2691d ago

Holy shi...really? Wow. Poor Team Bondi, guess LA Noire isn't doing as well as we thought...

Del6732691d ago

They treated their workers really poorly and Rockstar got a good deal of the press about it, not Bondi. So it makes sense they would cut ties.

PhantomT14122691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Yep, when you read the former Bondi employee's claim on gameindustrybiz actually, they think the company and the game survived thanks to Rockstar's financing and efficient marketing, and that the publisher too wasn't pleased with Team Bondi's "terrible" direction.