Call of Duty – Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare Released

YourEMGN: "Back in 2009, we brought you an article showing a mod called “Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare”, by German coders named BlackMonkeys. It has now officially been released."

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Madusha2717d ago

It looks very nice, runs smooth. Graphics are very crisp and detailed. Amazing work by 'BlackMonkeys'

Septic2717d ago

Now if only you could control the vehicles.

awi59512717d ago

lol I may go back and buy Cod 4 for this mod after i swore never to buy another cod game lol.

jeremyKX2717d ago

By released do they mean an official non-beta version? We were able to play it back in 2009.

Swiggins2717d ago

I wonder what the killstreaks are?

Looks Amazing, might have to pick up CoD:4 as soon as I get my rig upgrade....eventually...