6 american stereotypes in fighting games

When it comes to Americans, the rest of the world tends to see us a certain way.

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Tachyon_Nova2723d ago

Fat, dumb, self important morons? Trust me, that is how 90% of the world views Americans.

LightofDarkness2723d ago

It's true, and much of what we see of it in the news only serves to further this reputation.

Although people outside of America seem to think Obama is Jesus or something as well, which is quite the opposite to what the actual country thinks of him.

pangitkqb2723d ago

@ Tachyon_Nova

That sadly is how most of the world views Americans. Of course, this stereotype runs into the same problem as any other; it isn't always accurate and is degrading. Look how UNTRUE the following are:

All Muslims are terrorists.
All Jews are greedy.
All Western Europeans are Godless Elitists who think they monopolize culture.
All Britts have terrible teeth.

I personally think that Stereotypes need to go. Rather than ignoring individuality with vague assumptions we should improve our willingness to give the individual a chance. As an American that speaks English and Taglog and has lived on four continents it is always nice to pleasantly surprise people in other nations.

qwertyz2723d ago


alot of americans hate him because he is BLACK which is wrong as there are many legit reasons not to like him. the reason I despise him is because he is EXACTLY the same as bush who was also a terrible president in fact obama might even be more brutal than bush was. obama is a pathological liar hes change campaign was a FRAUD hes pro war and a war criminal(just like bush) look what hes doing in libya WITHOUT authorization from congress thats the type of stuff U.S presidents have been doing worldwide for DECADES they are all the same and they all serve coporations and the corporate ellite I just despise obama more than the others because hes the only one that ever promised change. american republicans aren't saying a thing about the war crimes he is carying out in libya so that oil companies can get libyas oil why ? because the republicans serve the SAME corporations. open your eyes would you ?

LightofDarkness2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Ooo, sounds like someone's been watching the Alex Jones show.

Please, do explain what part of my post implied that I disagree, and that my eyes need opening. Here's a suggestion for you: stop looking at the world like it's a black and white cartoon with supervillains dreaming up ways to screw everyone over, while you're one of the few freedom fighters who know it. Like you're Rowdy Roddy Piper in "They Live." Almost everyone I know has seen "Zeitgeist" too, buddy, we have seen the light. :rolls eyes:


You started out with a decent reply, but then you just went into some unnecessary diatribe, addressed to "we the sheeple." It sounds like you just wanted to blurt out all of this in order to show us all how totally gnostic and cool you are.

I'd get into this further but I honestly do not care enough to bother at this point.

Tapewurm2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

One of the most undeniable reasons a majority of the world outside of the U.S. regard the U.S. this way is the success of the Xbox 360. Only in the U.S. did this red ring laiden piece thrive and survive, while there were clearly better alternatives out there. Just goes to show you that there are a lot of people out there in the shallow end of the gene pool. Cheap hardware, limited disc space with crippling limitations, inferior graphics and only a couple of noteworthy system exclusives...go figure...only in the U.S.....I know this because I called every person in every country outside of the U.S. before I posted this! hehehe Flame on! LOL

NanoSoldier2723d ago

what exactly is your point?

Tapewurm2723d ago

My point is that for every trailer in every trailer park across the U.S. and for every toothless individual in said trailers, that there is more than likely 2 or more Xbox 360's sitting there blinking red while the owner is out spending their disability/welfare check on another one.

Rattlehead202723d ago

*Facepalm...Stupid fanboy

Ghoul2723d ago

Well as a non american from europe i can tell you this, since i spoke to many people through my life about america and theyre citizens (because i cant stand those stereotyping in the peoples heads and activly fight it via conversation)

there is mainly one thing almost everybody that thinks in stereotypes about americans is....

Ignorance and patriotism

wich in fact is true to some point if you rate america by its actions in the last decade - sorry


no we dont we just were extemly happy that this sh+thead bush is gone.

trust me before bush only a few like 20% thought bad about america in the first place.
bush made that balance more like 80%

THATS why the rest of the world is so pleased with your current leader

pangitkqb2723d ago

@ Ghoul

I'm American and I think Bush was a moron. Now I wish Obama would start keeping his promises back on our soil.

LightofDarkness2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Ghoul: I'm Irish buddy, he ain't my leader. I do have citizenship for both countries, but I'm far more Irish than I am American. I just have the unique perspective of being both "outside looking in" and "inside looking out".

Moreover, there's nothing to be happy about. He had a bunch of ignorant goons languishing him with praise while trying to spend their way out of a credit crunch. America are still involved in every war they were in before he came into power and even a few more conflicts since. And if he gets elected again, you can be damn sure there'll be more. The point is, the US president doesn't steer the ship anymore. They haven't for quite some time.

Klaykid1232723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Because every American is dumb and fat.

Straight A's and if anything, underweight.

P.S. I know you didn't mean that, you were just stating what people think. ;)

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firemassacre2723d ago

all summed up in 2 words... MEAT HEAD.

stevenhiggster2723d ago

Here is why the rest of the world thinks what they think about Americans. You guys really don't help yourselves much.

omi25p2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

To be fair they did just take the stupidest answers and put it in the video.

Im english and my experience with americans through online gaming is terrible if i say a word the entire room start trying to copy my accent and apparantly:

1.I have bad teeth (I dont i wore braces for over a year)

2. I drink 5 cups of tea an hour (I dont like tea)

3. I cant speak english correctly (I am english)

4. Im still upset about the fact america is now an independent country (I couldnt give a cr*p)

5. I apparantly want to be american (I most certainly dont)

LightofDarkness2723d ago

I'm Irish, here's my fun little list:

1) We don't have the internet, according to their most recent studies. Somehow I am communicating via cup and string, I guess.

2) I have tuberculosis.

3) Everyone here has red hair.

4) Ireland is puny and miniscule compared to America's vast plains, thus I must know everyone ever who lives in Ireland at any given time or place. "My 90th cousin twice removed Seamus O'Shaughnessy lives in some-place-youve-never-heard-o f, do you know him?"

5) I support the IRA and hence terrorism. Also, my country is a warzone.

6) I have an English accent.

7) I also apparently want to be American.

pangitkqb2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

I'm American and lived and worked in the Philippines for two years. As an American apparently:

1. I love war.

2. I am super, filthy rich.

3. I only eat hamburgers and french fries.

4. I hate rice.

5. I love Juicy Fruit gum (Filipinos think that for some reason)

6. My presence there was only to help the US control the Philippine Government. (I was regularly accused of being in the CIA or FBI)

So...ya, every nation has an image that is projected onto its citizens.

jnestor2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

@lightofdarkness - TUBERCULOSIS!!! HA!! What a strange stereotype. Just so we're clear, I'm with Klaykid123. Straight A's, pharmacist, know a couple pharmacologists that have invented drugs (and sold them to the drug companies of course) that have been used in just about every country in the world. So we are a smart bunch (but every country has the cream of the crop on the tv talking about the tornado that took away their trailer). I am also not fat. 6'5" 197lbs. BUT I HAVE HUGE FAKE TITTIES!!! AMERICA!!! (I'm a dude ;)

MWH2723d ago

it's another proof of how deceiving and misleading the media can be, any media. they depicts americans as protectors of the free world and freedom fighters while in reality it's not even close to anything ethical.

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