San Diego Studios spill upcoming ModNation Racers DLC

Get ready for the constant stream of ModNation Racers DLC to keep on gushing out San Diego Studios' door and onto the PlayStation Network.

Today on the US PSN is the Alien Invasion Mini Theme, crammed with all things UFO and galactic. The 12th gets gladiatorial, and 19th medieval.

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ChronoJoe2717d ago

I keep buying these lol I rarely create tracks though but it's nice to have the components to be more creative. I'm glad they still support the game.

Redempteur2717d ago

To anyone still playing .. MNR

Are the loading times better ?

that really was a deal breaker for me.

ChronoJoe2717d ago

I think the loading times went from 30-40 seconds to 20-30.

They also made it so that you can load directly into the menu you want to use. As in you don't have to load up the central plaza to access everything, you can go to the creation station, or race mode from the start menu.

ChronoJoe2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )