My First Virtual Crush - Trip (Enslaved) by Brash Games

Liam Pritchard of Brash Games writes "Is it a taboo to find videogame characters attractive? My girlfriend recently admitted to finding Kaim from Lost Odyssey attractive (he is a handsome if somewhat introspective chap) and I’m certainly not above admitting that I have found a few videogame characters attractive over the years, but honestly, it has never been beyond a passing “oh, she’s kind of pretty” kind of way. It’s not like I’ve ever seen one up on screen and thought, you know what, I’d love to spend time with that girl – maybe even take her out on a date. Well, not until now anyway".

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Tachyon_Nova2691d ago

Kind of like Elena from UnCharted for me. Honestly, Chloe is probably better looking but you just know that she would back stab you and have it away with your best friend. Elena is good looking, smart and loyal all in one.

Quagmire2691d ago

Is it just me, or is Elena about 10 times hotter in Uncharted 3 than she is in the previous 2 games?

Army_of_Darkness2691d ago

Yes! My first was and still is Tifa from FF7/ advent children;)

beastgamer2691d ago

i would take Chloe over Elena over one condition.
I got a piece of that @ss, she can back stab me for all i care, as long as i got a piece.

ViserysTargaryen2691d ago

Yeah Elena being too hot in Uncharted 3 is just wrong. She's not supposed to be the hot chick, she's supposed to be the spunky hick reporter. The kind of tom girl that can keep up with Drake through his adventures.

Miiikeyyy2691d ago

Nariko from Heavenly sword. Elena from Uncharted.

Lord_Sloth2691d ago

1st video game crush? Chun Li.

Xof2691d ago

First video game crush? Yikes. Is the article writer 12? This happened to most people in gradeschool.

richierich2691d ago

Kind of sad article here

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The story is too old to be commented.