Brash Games’ Top 5 Game Worlds

Liam Pritchard of Brash Games writes "Remember when you escaped the Imperial City sewers in Oblivion and got a first glimpse of the majesty and magnitude of the game world that lay before you? How about when you landed on the Halo ring world for the first time? How about…. well, what I’m getting at here is that, as great as the core mechanics of any game might be, it’s more often than not the world in which they inhabit that stick in the mind longest".

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LewisDenby2667d ago

I'd lob BioShock and both System Shocks in there for their fascinating game worlds.

TheLastGuardian20102667d ago

How the hell is Rapture not there?

Quagmire2667d ago

Just Cause 2, the Island of Panau was an amazing playground!

solar2667d ago

i totally agree with #1. its a fantastic world with an even better atmosphere.