Deadly Premonition review (BeefJack)

BeefJack re-reviews Deadly Premonition to coincide with its Games on Demand release: "I also think it’s important to spend a paragraph talking about the stairs. For some reason, when you try to walk up or down a set of stairs, the game seems to drop into “fucking crazy controls mode”, where I’m pretty sure left moves you forward and right makes you try to have sex with the wall. I have never played a game in which the controls, apparently wilfully, become more erratic than this. To start with it’s seethingly annoying. By the end you’ll have developed a sort of grim, dissociated acceptance of the fact, and be pleasantly surprised when it turns out the stairs in your own home don’t make you slam your face into the bannister all the way up."

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ChrisW2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

Agree if you clicked on the link to read the review!!!

Disagree if you clicked on the link simply because of the picture!!!

TheEatingVodka2600d ago

Dude are you retarded.. That pic looks like a corpse.. Do you have a thing for dead women?

ChrisW2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

Hey, I only wrote the comment. Several people clicked disagree.

Venox20082600d ago

@Blacktric play import, I think it's on English anyway..

Blacktric2600d ago

You're not bringing that YouTube commenter fad to here! GIT OUT!

ChrisW2600d ago

Ahhh... you referring to those stupid "Click like if you came here because of something retarded." Sorry, that didn't cross my mind. Otherwise I wouldn't have posted such.

Blacktric2600d ago

Don't worry about it I was just kidding anyway :). BTW I hope they release this game for PS3 in the west. I'd love to play it.

Nate-Dog2600d ago

Nice review, I'm considering getting this since I heard it's going to Games on Demand but am still not quite sure. But the story and overall premise of the game sounds quite interesting (and from your suggestion sounds pretty good) so maybe I'll give it a go if I get the chance.

rmedtx8882600d ago

How can a game with erratic controls and Playstation 2 looking graphics get 8.7/10?

ViserysTargaryen2600d ago

Because this game is delicious as a Sinner's sandwich, so says Mr. Stewart.

Rampaged Death2600d ago

High reviews because it's a bad game ? What is wrong with people nowadays ? I watched Giant Bombs Endurance Run and this games is flat out bad !

LewisDenby2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

Hey, how about reading the review?

"It’s not a game that’s ‘so bad it’s good’ – it’s a game that’s so good, it doesn’t matter if a few bad bits crop up along the way."