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ZILLA2716d ago

Two words...ONLINE INSANITY!!from friday till last night that's all me and my son have been playing.if u don't have a PS3 now is the time to get one .UNCHARTED 3 is G O T Y(period)

Gray-Fox-Type02716d ago

Good news :D Alot more noobs to own haha

MidnytRain2716d ago

This is exactly what I came in here to say.

Oy! Boys! Fresh meat comin' our way!

Pixel_Pusher2716d ago

"Oy! Boys! Fresh meat"

Noobs, it's what's for dinner.

MidnytRain2715d ago

Totally not what I meant, XD.

Horny2716d ago

I completely forgot to download it. Doing it later today so ill see you guys online.
Quick question, how many maps are available in the beta?

jbl3162716d ago

There are two at this stage...

pr0digyZA2716d ago

two maps now, yemen is coming back with a new mode later on, the there is the co-op which will also come. Most people are also speculating other surprises one of which is a map we have not seen yet.

Pixel_Pusher2716d ago

Three maps. You guys don't play free for all do you?

Redempteur2716d ago

poor new players ..they will be killed by those having better boosters and knowing the maps ..the next 2 days will be full of fresh blood ...

can't wait

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