Fate/Extra And Hakuoki Will Only Have Japanese Voiceovers

Shortly after Fate/Extra and Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom were announced Anime Expo, I met with Aksys to find out more about their upcoming PSP games. One of the topics we discussed was voice acting.

Both games will have the original Japanese voice acting and only the original voice acting. Aksys is not planning to dub either PSP title.

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ZeroX98762692d ago

That`s just perfect!! I would say the same thing to namco bandai about tales of vesperia PS3 and tales of graces F and tales of Xillia. Same thing for valkyria chronicles 3 on psp. Those type of games are most of the time bought by a niche audience. I'm buying fate/extra for sure! hakuoki, I want to see more of it before.