Hideo Kojima Confirms Snatcher Sequel?

Hideo Kojima just posted a tweet which hints that a Snatcher sequel isn’t far off and that he’s actually going to talk about it in a new episode of Hide Radio which will be released this weekend.

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TheLastGuardian20102720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

I feel like I've heard all of this before. I don't know how Kojima has all the time.

There's a future MGS project I'm sure

Then he talks about reviving ZOE

He's also helping with the sequel to Castlevania: Lord of Shadows2

Then he also wants to make a Snatcher sequel?

It's been a good 2 years since we've seen anything new from Kojima (for the HD consoles). When this gen ends I don't want to like at Kojima and say "yeah he's the guy who made MGS 4." For as long as this gen is (nearly 7 years soon). And have only 1 game under your buckle is abit embarrassing.

So Kojima, whatever it is (to be honest I don't really care at this point), announce it soon, because this gen isn't getting any younger.

newleaf2720d ago

Why are we assuming it is ps3 exclusive? Mr Cyborg?

firemassacre2720d ago

i hope so they can take advantage of the hardware

-MD-2720d ago

Take advantage of that 6 year old hardware, hell yeah.

thebudgetgamer2720d ago

Snatcher, i hope she don't get hurt.

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outwar60102720d ago

hope not i want another mgs title(rising doesnt count but i will pick it up anyway)

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The story is too old to be commented.