15 Minutes of Xenoblade Chronicles in HD

15 Minutes of Xenoblade Chronicles in 720p

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Madusha2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

The game is just beautiful. One of the best wii games I have seen in terms of graphics and scale.

Ulf2694d ago

So then... this game is getting ported for the Wii U?

jacksonmichael2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

No. These videos are coming from the Dolphin emulator.

I personally could go either way on a Wii U release. I guess I just want it soon.

Edit: Actually, I would love them on Wii U if I'm going to need to be reading dubs. I don't know the story for Monster Hunter Tri because the letters were too blurry on my tv.

Army_of_Darkness2694d ago

character voices sound so much better and cooler in RPG games with japanese dialog!
the english version always makes the guys sound like pu$$ies and girls like very annoying [email protected]

GameTavern2694d ago

So sad. It really does look like a nice game, and a refreshing take on the jRPG.

Alas, damn NoA!

Peaceful_Jelly2694d ago

Holy crap, this looks awesome!

TheRichterBelmont2694d ago

Very excited for this. Thanks NoA for giving us a reason to soft-mod our Wiis!

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