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spunnups2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

nothing overly exciting although i never did try beyond good and evil

evercast2634d ago

A 6 for Shadows of the Damned?? Whew that's one of the lowest scores I've seen for that game. Its much higher than that. One of the best games I've played in quite awhile.

andron6662634d ago

Well Edge beat them there lol. They gave it a big fat 5.

Can't say these reviews impact my interest in the game though. I'm still getting it...

newn4gguy2634d ago

I don't understand the hate for White Knight Chronicles I & II this generation. They're both phenomenal games!

ViserysTargaryen2634d ago

They're JRPGs which is an auto hate for some people. I blame FF13 for this.

SuperLupe2634d ago

Thats plain ou stupid. WKC came out long before FF 13 and it still managed a sh!tty 65 on metacritic.