Hooked Gamers preview - Resistance 3: Making an effort to stand out

In Resistance: Fall of Man, players battled the Chimera in Britain as part of a large and relatively intact military force. Resistance 2 saw Hale come to the US to protect his home ground. Resistance 3 will be shaking things up in terms of story. The conflict with the Chimera can barely even be called a war anymore. It's now more of an extermination. The United States military is in shambles, and the only hope for humanity lies in small bands of people operating under their own will and command.

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user83971442724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

While ago a guy asked Insomniac on facebook if Resistance 3 was going to include a horde mode/survival mode and they didn't wanted to say. If they do, Im going to be very happy.

happyface2724d ago

I don't see how anything this generic will stand out, I expect Sony gamers to ignore resistance 3 just like they did with 2.

radphil2724d ago

Weird, cause I just played R2 like 10 min ago, people still matchmaking co-op and vs going on right now.

killerhog2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

unfortunately, with the reduce 8-player co-op to two, the massive 30 vs. 30 skirmishes reduce to 16, and a crummy uninspiring private invite/friends only custom game, the single player also playing like fallout or half-life (which ever you want to see it as) with NPC interaction and help, i cant help but think reviewers will see it as a generic shooter.

But i like half-life and i love the Resistance story/game and if insomniacs makes the game modes just as fun as previous resistance tittles, ill look past the 8 vs. 8 and purchase it. im going too keep an open mind and have faith insomnia will pull it off.

p.s played the shit out of r1 and r2 day one till now!!