Dear Ubisoft: Please Give Us Spies Versus Mercenaries


"“It’s been too long!” thought I, as I reached for another ice pack to strap to my face. I’ve just completed L.A. Noire 100%, and figured, “What the hell?” and popped it in.

"It’s a game that has aged too well, still proving to be one of the best games ever made, in my opinion. My next objective: “Let’s play some spies versus mercenaries!”

"I then remembered that Xbox Live for original Xbox titles has been down for over a year.

"Disappointed, I realized something: an experience similar to that of Spies vs. Mercs (henceforth referred to as SvM) has not yet been replicated or continued in a respectful way, and is a cash crop waiting to be farmed.

"Dear Ubisoft: PLEASE give us Spies Versus Mercenaries this generation!"

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Proeliator2696d ago


Times ten.

Why has this not been done?


I cannot put into words how much my mind is screaming WHY!

LOGICWINS2696d ago

Who knows? Maybe they delayed the Trilogy again because their putting multiplayer back in.

Proeliator2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

I want to believe this is why.

It's the only logical reason.

EDIT: To LOGICWINS below, that might be why it's getting delayed; there was a huge backlash when they said coop and mp weren't going to be in it.

LOGICWINS2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Yeah, people should go on the Ubisoft forums and tell Ubisoft that they'll boycott the game if MP isn't added.

@Proliator- I hope so.

DarkBlood2696d ago

ahh thanks logicwins i almost forgot what game got delayed in august lol

JBaby3432696d ago

I tried to play spy vs mercs but I ran into so many people glitching that I just gave it up. The SP of the Splinter Cell games is what I'm waiting for though I will definitely give the MP another go when the HD trilogy is finally released.

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ReservoirDog3162696d ago

I wish they would. I didn't have online play or xbl when I played the absolute masterpiece Chaos Theory on my xbox. Always wanted to.

gaminoz2696d ago

I want an Assassins vs. Templars! Assassins as spies, and Templar soldiers as Mercs :)

ThichQuangDuck2696d ago

Just give us a true sequel to Chaos Theory. I remember when I played chaos theory it had so much to offer me I completed the singleplayer. then was shocked that there was a completely seperate co op campaign that weaved in with the story and offered true co op gameplay that still holds true today. Lastly having literally one of my favorite multiplayers of all time spies vs mercs. I truly enjoyed the deathmatch talking to a friend then snapping their neck or that scary paranoia of being a merc. Double agent tried to recreate that but failed, conviction they just gave up on multiplayer. I want spies vs mercs back on this generation at least once implemented how it was in chaos theory. Would love to see it on the next generation too the possibilities are endless

Proeliator2696d ago

So true... but of course, doing something like a modern makes too much sense. After all, they can make crappy fitness games and make much more money.

ThichQuangDuck2696d ago

gamedevelopers are now too scared to do hardcore or even unique game design because they are so worried about making everything simple and making money. I wish gaming wasn't so focused on mainstream accesibility

bananasNmonkeys2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Ahhhhh the sweet sweet memories: /watch?v=Gbs5k90Y4Xo

Edit. Or if you have spotify: spotify:album:5EzESEPcpiY9chsU jWydw5

femshep2696d ago

as long as infiltration mode is an option i'll be happy, so fun and hilarious when people thought that they could run in guns blazing....soon followed by them rage quitting for not knowing how to play splinter cell

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