Street Fighter EX Sequel Without The Street Fighter Characters? | GameBlurb

GameBlurb writes, "Remember Street Fighter EX? Yeah, not many do. The series died on the PS2, and since the original characters were Arika’s, the new challengers were lost also. Recently, Arika has put out some screen shots for an unnamed 3DS test project with some familiar faces."

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RahatR2721d ago

Then why call it a street fighter game?

Gordo7892721d ago

is the sequel going to have the words "street fighter" in the title? It's kind of unclear. I read it to mean the spiritual sequel rather than a direct sequel.

hkgamer2721d ago

It won't have the street fighter name, it probably wont even have the EX in the title.

But this game sounds interesting and the EX characters were pretty decent.

PattHpapong2721d ago

Eh, on the one hand it's pretty much not a street fighter game, on the other hand it was, officially. So I just feel like this game is riding on the fame of the Street Fighter most people are familiar with, with a legal excuse.