PSP’s 2011 Already Exceeds 2010 in Japan

June came to an end less than a week ago, marking our halfway point through the year 2011. Yet somehow, those six months were all the PSP needed in order to match its total number of units sold for the entire previous year – at least in Japan. In 2010, Sony’s handheld sold 1,075,958 units in its home country, but as of June 26, 2011, it already matched that number. Currently, it has sold 1,101,330 units, spanning all versions of the system.

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NJShadow2569d ago

The little handheld that could... I still love my PSP.

fabod862569d ago

love mine too... can't wait for it's successor
i like that they called it with a word from my language (Italian) :)

JLeVRT2569d ago

yea, the PSP is awesome

BigWoopMagazine2569d ago

It's so weird though, I'd totally be holding out for Vita now if I wanted a new portable. Oh well, not that I'm complaining about good sales.

Kurisu2569d ago

But the Vita won't be getting Final Fantasy Type-0. Remember that launches for the PSP this Summer in Japan.

ApexHell2569d ago

then i guess type0 will be on psn lol

Ddouble2569d ago

Speculation going on is that Type-0 will be a Vita launch title in the west. It makes sense sense imo

imoutofthecontest2569d ago

The Vita doesn't have UMD support though. Downloads are waaaaaay bigger in NA than Japan.
To that end, the used game shops here have UMD games at budget prices lining the walls. I mean hey, you can go download Phantasy Star Portable 2 from the PSN Store for like $25 or pay $9 for it on UMD. Copy and paste similar proportions to a bunch of other games and I can understand the lure of the PSP.

Some people will float with it as a summer gaming fix, others might get it for the long (and cheap) haul, but I can see the possible scenarios.

knifefight2569d ago

^ I love the disagrees.
It's simply true: physical media is more popular in Japan than downloads are. What's there to disagree about? There's not even an opinion in there. [email protected] people hating reality.

Gigglefist2569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

The PSP wasn't bad, but rather, it badly marketed. I don't regret buying one.

qwertyz2569d ago

ps vita>>>>>>3d s

FACT nintendo sucks their ALWAYS behind when it comes to technology

Gigglefist2569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

I don't know about that. The DS had Pokemon, Mario, and Zelda.

The trade-off for the DS being less "technologically advanced" is a reduced price.

Both systems cater to different sorts of gamers.
psp===ds (hope that's enough "equals" signs for you)
ps vita... hasn't even come out yet, so there's no way for you to compare it to the 3DS.

NyGiants72569d ago

I agree with Psp being better than the ds but nintendo doesn't suck

NESpower2569d ago

3DS >>>> Vita ...Just watch! lol

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