Halo 4 'going back to what made Halo 1 amazing'

CVG - Is Microsoft taking the Halo series back to its roots with Halo 4? It sure is if recent comments from Microsoft UK's Xbox entertainment director Stephen McGill are anything to go by.

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BakedGoods2724d ago

Sounds like PR speak.

Halo 1 was great because it was so different from other shooters at the time. If Halo 4 wants to take 'what made Halo 1 amazing' they'd have to make the game different from today's modern shooters--that is, different from Halo. A paradox, no?

Joule2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

What about Halo 5, and 6?......and 7, 8, 9..... 10, 11, 12.....

M-Easy2724d ago

I'm sure this is Halo 6. ODST was Halo 4, Halo Reach was Halo 5 and this is 6.

TXIDarkAvenger2724d ago

ODST and Reach are not a part of the main Halo series. That's why this is called Halo 4.

newhumanbreed2724d ago

Uhh no? Halo 3: ODST is a spin off of 3. Halo: Reach is a prequel. Therefore, the titles are correctly numbered since Halo 4 takes place right after Halo 3.

dtalon32724d ago

@ M-Easy & AnimeAvenger

do you often make wildly untrue statements often or are you both just ignorant?

ODST was an is it so hard for some people to realize? Halo 3:ODST was the title.

reach isn't a part of the main halo series? I don't even know what to say to you. It was made by bungie and it is set in the Halo Universe and it CONNECTS the current story. therefore making it part of the main halo series.

stop eating plastic and your brain may develop.

M-Easy2724d ago

Its still the 6th game out. We call the new Mortal Kombat MK9 because its the 9th in the series. They didn't all follow the same story line. Same should go for Halo.

dtalon32724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )


did you play the new Mortal Kombat?
It is basically a reboot of MK1-3. thus making your arguement semi valid


Each Halo game that has EVER been released has it's own individual story with a chronological sequence of events... Unfortunately for you, all of the Halo game's stories currently connect (maybe to a lesser extent with Halo Wars but still has to do with the current story arc)

technically by your standards it would be the 7th HALO game out...still want to grasp for straws?

MintBerryCrunch2724d ago

calling ODST an expansion, i think its the only expansion that cost $60

humbleopinion2724d ago

calling ODST an expansion, i think its the only expansion that has more content then most $60 games...

awi59512724d ago

Dont talk about halo these are the same people who defend metal gears insane convoluted story lines. Oh this guy isnt who you think he is hes a really a clone of this guy blah blah blah. Sony fanboys have no room to talk about crazy story lines.

BinaryMind2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Didn't Bungie say say the same thing about Halo Reach being more like Combat Evolved? Having big, open levels and fighting the Elites again (who once again don't speak English).

lil Titan2723d ago

ill believe it when i see and play it, everything after the first was pretty wack as far as the story goes but they put all there focus on online for they games after the first one

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theonlylolking2724d ago

Yeah, if halo CE came out this year instead of the xbox 1 then the game would seem like crap but for the time it was amazing.

dangert122724d ago

jet packs made halo ce amazing!!!... oh wait

roadtrucker2724d ago

so they are going back to the pc?

wicko2724d ago

Didn't they say the same thing about Reach?

awi59512724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

Yeah they did reach's weapons are still pussy. Halo CE weapons are very powerful and killed you like call of duty weapons do thats why the lan play was so popular. You were punished for being stupid. Halo 2 and after they ripped the balls off the weapons and i hated halo ever since.

vortis2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )


I can't believe someone disagreed with you. It's TRUE!

The best combo in Halo: CE was the pistol and shotty. You could blast people to bits up close and snipe at long range with the pistol. Beastly.

The dual wielding pistols in Halo 2 were gayed up, same for Halo 3. It would have been cool to have all the weapons from the Halo series but the damage stayed the same from Halo: CE.

Did anyone even bother using the Needler anymore? Man they really neutered that bad boy.

dtalon32724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )


Blaze9292724d ago

could swear Bungie said the same thing about Reach...look how that turned out - with the fans.

vishant1012724d ago

reach was more like halo ce then any other halo

Blaze9292724d ago

like hell it wasn't. but to each hold their own opinion

Gray-Fox-Type02723d ago

This is going to be a megaton killer title. As a PS3 owner and 360, The people who don't have Xbox 360 are really going to miss out. As we know Halo 4 will be destroying when it comes out.

Gray-Fox-Type02723d ago

Dear PS3 fanboys

Halo Reach - 91% Metacritic

Killzone 3 - 85% Metacritic

duplissi2723d ago

dear troll, i have both and like both... now please shut up

jonboi242723d ago

@ gray-fox

really you playing the metacritic card?
and who made halo reach and the majority of halo games here's a hint there not making halo 4

Eyeco2723d ago

Well if some gamers didn't give a sh1t about Halo 1 10 years ago chances are there not gonna give a sh1t about the franchise now , as of 2011 the only people that care for halo are it's fans hence the lack of media interest surrounding the game.

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frelyler2723d ago

You said it for me, exactly!

Anon19742723d ago

Actually, Halo wasn't that much different than the first person shooters at the time. What made Halo different was it was on a console. When Halo came out, PC owners couldn't understand what the fuss was about and went back to playing Halflife, Unreal Tournament, Tribes, Counterstrike, Farcry, Quake, etc.

I was big into FPS's when Halo came out and I've gotta say, Halo wasn't even on shooter fan's radar. It was a console shooter, and most shooter fans did (and a lot still do) turn their nose up at the thought of using a controller as opposed to the mouse and keyboard.

I'm a huge fan of Halo and I've loved the Halo series (up until Reach, that is) but it wasn't that Halo itself was "amazing", it was just amazing for console gamers. Not everyone could afford a rig to really push PC shooters, and Halo was easy and accessible to the masses. In the face of the shooters at the time, Halo was average, but it tapped into a brand new market and changed gaming because of it.

BakedGoods2723d ago

Good point. The PC had a range of shooters whereas the console games couldn't keep up.

That being said, Halo did pioneer the 'regen health' gameplay mechanism that almost all shooters use nowadays. In fact, I'd argue this is one of the most crucial evolutions in the FPS genre.

Meanwhile, PC gamers were distracted by the likes of Tribes 2, Wolfenstein, and Max Payne--stiff competition indeed.

vortis2723d ago

Totally agreed.

PC gaming was really inaccessible back in the day and the prices were outrageous compared to console gaming (for $2500 you were basically building a PC equivalent to the original Xbox back in 1999).

Dude_2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

That is only partially true. It was indeed head and shoulders above any other console fps at the time, and certainly not an undisputed winner on PC( although, such a thing hardly exists, since it 's so much opinion based).

However out of the list you've mentioned only PC title being similar to it was Starsiege Tribes, which didn't even have a story or any campaign.. besides it had quite a few innovative and uncommon features: two weapon limit, r/c shields, multitude of approaches to combat (and ways to play the levels), and in general the game was a very solid title seeing as how it contained both an impressive, atmospheric campaign and a strong multiplayer. The AI was among the very best for the era.

It came way too late to PC as well, and wasn't that good of a port at that.

Also to be fair, as one of the posts above said, it's influence on the genre with the multiplayer is undeniable.

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Rage_S902724d ago

coz that's gona make the game suddenly amazing -____-

edhe2724d ago

"going back to what made halo..."
A Launch Title?

That'd work :)

Les-Grossman2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

If your doing that with Halo Anime then that can be done to any game franchise with spin offs such as God Of War & Killzone etc & Metal Gear Solid

FlyGuyHung2724d ago

As a Halo fan that owns all the games... they have been saying this since H2. Whatever, just make a damn good game. Maybe less focus on the past will help properly guide the future.

EazyC2724d ago

Not if it comes out this gen it won't...