Ruin: Diablo 3 Console rival? (Hooked Gamers)

Ruin is essentially Idol Minds and Sony’s attempt at a Diablo 3 style fast paced action RPG. With the release of Torchlight and the hugely anticipated Diablo 3 on the horizon is there really room for another game to step up to the podium in an attempt to knock Blizzard’s prize pony off the top spot? When looking at Ruin, I’d say it might just be Diablo’s closest console competitor.

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sinncross2720d ago

As long as I can play with friends I will be sure to keep an eye on this

NewMonday2719d ago

i hope it is also story driven

shadowknight2032719d ago

I wouldn't count on it bro. Ruin is going to rely mainly on its 'social' here's my dungeon..I've got to protect it while invading other ppl's dungeons scheme. It'll be more of a heavy gameplay orientated structure that includes everything but story in its package.

fabod862720d ago

the transfarring option it's simply awesome!
start the game on ps3 and go on on Vita... SOLD

Arnon2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

That's something I honestly could not care about in terms of a feature. To bluntly put it, I find it useless mainly due to the fact that from my experience and a lot of other friends' experiences, most people who own a handheld play it in their home. With that being said though, I love dungeon crawlers, and the main thing that I hope this game has is a good multiplayer as well as a robust combat and item system.

MaxXAttaxX2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

You may not always play a handheld outside of your house, but you never know when you'll be playing a game you can't put down and the time's come for you to leave somewhere. Now you have the option to take the game with you anywhere(even if it's the room next door).

I like options :)

ATiElite2719d ago

Maybe a good competitor to the PC's Torchlite II but it can't touch Diablo 3.

Ruin is gonna have to put in some serious work and build a legacy before you start mentioning it in the same sentence as the Diablo series.

i hope it's good and does well as consolers begin to grow tired of FPS and especially COD clones.

Ravenor2719d ago

I'll be enjoying both, Ruin looked like a lot of fun and I always loved those kinds of games on consoles.

Semir2719d ago

This game can't touch Diablo 3.

zero_cool2719d ago

diablo 3 looks fisher price like the world of warcraft series dose but the last 2 diablos were better they had a more hardcore look & feel to them versus diablo 3!

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The story is too old to be commented.