Bleach: Soul Ignition Special Attacks Video

All 21 playable characters unleash their special attacks in Bleach: Soul Ignition

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Bleach: Soul Ignition is an action/adventure developed by Sony for the PlayStation 3. It features 21 playable characters from the Bleach anime/manga series, free-roaming action, various game modes, and the ability to customize and level up characters. NIS America will publish the game in North America this August under the title of Bleach: Soul Resurreccion. Sony released the game in Japan back on June 23rd under the title of Bleach: Soul Ignition. For more information please check out the prior posts on Bleach: Soul Resurreccion
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tayz2720d ago

Ichigo's final getsuga tenshou is so bad ass in the game!

Main_Street_Saint2720d ago

Looks pretty good. It might be worth the PS3 (someday).

nickjkl2720d ago

that yoruichi this game might be good but i dont like dyasty warrior type games

hope its just one mode

tawak2720d ago

uuugraaaahhh.........- enemies