GTA IV - As you've never seen it before

SystemLink: "Modding is a huge part of GTA IV. Ironic, some might say, that in a game so bursting with life and activity and features, people want more. Graphics were a bit of a problem when the PC version of Rockstar's behemoth landed, and many mods have attempted to create stunning new graphics - but this takes the biscuit..."

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Blaine2572d ago

How many "articles" on N4G have this exact title? It's getting really annoying...

Caleb_1412572d ago

I've seen these articles a few times over the space of a month - but twice in one DAY? come on...

infestedandy2572d ago

I still don't have this for PC. Maybe Steam can help me out here...

Charmers2572d ago

Unfortunately the steam version of GTA 4 is the version fully patched to This version is incredibly difficult to mod and as far as I know there has been no downgrader yet.

In short if you want to get GTA 4 for the mods then you are better picking up the retail version. You can probably find a retail version of GTA 4 cheaper than steam usually sells if for anyway.

Perjoss2572d ago

If you've played it before on consoles then be ready for some serious eye candy on the PC, as long as you have a half decent machine to handle the maximum settings, specially view distance. Not that the console versions were ugly but the PC version looks so much better.

Danielmccue2572d ago

i wouldn't call the console versions ugly.

shayol33t2571d ago

This is why stupid developers should stop trying to kill off modding.

BlmThug2572d ago

I Wish I Had A Good Rig, I Think I Have The Worst Rig In The World And A Lot Of Times I Was About To Upgrade But Then I Read About Anti Static, The Amount Of Electricity A Good Rig Would Use, Heat But Hopefully In The Future I Can Buy A Ultra Rig

arjman2572d ago

You don't have to cap every word you know...


Vinushka2572d ago

We Don't Like Your Avant-Garde Way Of Typing 'Round These Here Parts.

xtremegamerage2572d ago

Yet no matter how many times it's modded, better graphics, it's still a poor game.

GTA Overrated.

Looks nice though.

For a game that uses cars cars cars, they could have at least got the real feel about them.

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