U3 Beta: Three Team Deathmatch Overview

Dualshock Nexus: Over the past few days I have been playing the Uncharted 3 beta like a maniac. There is so much being offered for free and it is a very enjoyable multiplayer. I decided to dive into three team deathmatch and give a brief overview as well as a few of my personal opinions on this game mode.

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-Alpha2721d ago

Great mode, make sure you bring a real buddy or you may get stuck with some 200 pound deadweight lol

But, Team Objectives is even better!

Treezy5042721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

Just got through playing Team Objectives and I am loving how they meshed all the modes together. Now I won't have to worry about people yelling "no kill". Three Team Deathmatch is awesome, but there is one minor flaw. My team went into overtime with another team at 20 and 19. The lower team only had 13 kills. At the end of overtime we were 24 and 24 while the weaker team was still at 14 kills so the match turned into sudden death. We took out the opposing team, but one of the players on the weaker team killed my teammate and they got the win even though we had the most points. So at the end the overall score was 26 25 and 15 and the people with 15 points won lol.

-Alpha2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

Yeah man!

Was playing UC2 the other night and had gotten stuck with a boosting clan. So annoyed.

This way great modes like Chain Reaction get played. Awesome page from Killzone's book.

Overtime is awesome, I love it. Double Overtime is even more intense! (sudden death)

They need to get rid of double damage power play. It's cheap. Should replace it with "No boosters and no kickbacks for 60 seconds" for the winning team

Treezy5042721d ago

@Alpha Yeah dude it's great there is a time limit on there now so people who think boosting will fly will be in for a rude awakening. I agree with you about the double damage power play as well. Half a burst from your opponent kills you and you basically have no chance. It's not bad if your completely dominating the other team. But it sucks if your going for Fury, Rage, or Rampant medals. Oh well I guess we got hardcore to escape the cheap stuff right :D.

Tripl3seis2721d ago

im having a blast so far this is awesome the one the things they gotta do is fix the running animations wen i run is kind of weird but i noe the dogs will fix it this beta is amazing!!!