New LittleBigPlanet 2 Packs Coming Soon: inFAMOUS 2, Toy Story, and FINAL FANTASY VII!

PS Blog writes:
Over the next two months we’ve got some pretty darned cool LittleBigPlanet 2 DLC packs heading your way. I’m sure you’ve noticed the title of this post, so let’s not delay any further – from the depths of Midgar, I’m delighted to unveil…the FINAL FANTASY VII costume pack!

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Emilio_Estevez2448d ago

Let me be the first to speculate about a FF7 remake.

MaxXAttaxX2447d ago

Why can't other good(and arguably better) FF games get support?

thor2448d ago

Well it WILL be made by the LBP community for sure :)

oricon2448d ago

Its funny that everyone's happy about the dlc lbp is releasing and when some other company announces costume dlc everyone bashes them to death on this site lol.

lodossrage2448d ago

The difference is this isn't Sony charging you for something that's already on your disc at a premium price the way Capcom does

DrRichtofen2448d ago

They're making all their dlc way after release.

Emilio_Estevez2448d ago

They support their game with DLC, not milk it. Also, they release free ones all the time. There is a Statue of Liberty-esk one up right now that's free.

MaxXAttaxX2447d ago

And usually with new level maps, we also get new tools.

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midgard2272448d ago

FINE-AH Freakin-lee!!!! that ff7 pack was shown before the first game even came out. its about time honestly

2447d ago
keith-ps32446d ago

they might as well make it on the ps4

subtenko2443d ago

That pic.... *clenches fist* has been all over the internet and the dang costume isnt out yet!..... ARRRRGAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! >:(

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2fk2448d ago

FINALLY good packs for LBP2

Lucreto2448d ago

I wanted a level pack or a sticker pack like the MGS pack but I am happy with the costumes.

Neo Nugget2448d ago

How long has it been since they first showed off the Sephiroth costume? 2 years?

DragonKnight2448d ago

How about a DIFFERENT Final Fantasy for once. Geez.

nickjkl2448d ago

ff7 had memorable characters its either sephiroth or tifas giant tits

DragonKnight2448d ago

There are better FF's with better characters.

Trevonn2448d ago

@dragonnight like hope or venille /s

DragonKnight2447d ago

@TwistyTrev: Dear God no. I would sooner take Cait Sith over them. Lol.

iamtehpwn2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

You also have to understand that Final Fantasy VII probably has the closest association to the Playstation Brand as a whole than any other Final Fantasy, so that's why.

Perhaps only 2nd by FFX.

DragonKnight2447d ago

I suppose that because Sony published (hence owns0 FFVII it makes business sense. But I'm really tired of FFVII. It's not even close to the best FF game and is VASTLY over rated in my opinion. We get it shoved down our throats far too much. I'd rather see some FFIV, VI, VIII, or X love. Hell, even though it wasn't much to me, I'd sooner take FFIX over FFVII. At least that game had some lighthearted fun and adventure to it and the characters weren't typical anime characters.

TheDivine2447d ago

I know ff6 or ff10 had better characters imo. I dont know why ff7 is still this overhyped. It was a great game but not the best jrpg or even the best ff, nostalgia is a powerful thing.

Solidus187-SCMilk2447d ago

LOL really??

Im not big on FF but 10 had horrible characters. Tidus, and wakka. And the blue lion guy sucks ass compared to Nanaki. Also that Seymor guy was lame, he was like Sephiroth's gay cousin.

FF10 characters were made even worse with their lame voices too.

keith-ps32446d ago

ff7 is the best game ever made always has been always will be

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