PSA: Sony's Welcome Back package ended today [update: last-minute extension]

Sony is receiving some flak from PlayStation Network users who contend that the month-long Welcome Back program was taken offline too early.

For the past 30 days, PlayStation Network users have had an opportunity to take advantage of the Welcome Back program offered by Sony to thank everyone for their patience during the network downtime following April’s security breach. That offer ended today, as the package details originally stated it would. Unfortunately for Sony, some fans are feel that the window closed a little prematurely.

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MrSpace2720d ago

Loner........I should of known

It's like un masking a villain in Scooby Doo

Emilio_Estevez2720d ago

That Scooby Doo comment made me chuckle.

phinch2720d ago

and sony would have gotton away with it too if it wasnt for you peskey kids!

Myst2720d ago

lmao that Scooby Doo comment

DaTruth2720d ago

I remember seeing a deal on practically everything on PSN for PS+ users! Once it became available to everyone, all those deals dried up and now there's like 3 discounted games!

That was completely pointless and all I got was Streets of Rage 2 to play for a month out of it!

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downloaded their welcome back gifts

ZeroChaos2720d ago

It was up for a month surely that's plenty of time.

gamingdroid2720d ago

It shouldn't matter how long, if one waited even until the last minute. The failure here lays on Sony for mis-informing their customers. Fortunately, they reversed their stance and is giving people 1-more day.

I hope the people that missed it yesterday, is on the internet (or PSN) and noticed it is available for one-day only.

ZeroChaos2720d ago

One month dude, its been up for one month...

gamingdroid2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

So, I have been gone for almost two months, and won't have access to this at all.

Not everyone is at home playing games all day.

Veni Vidi Vici2720d ago

Man, I can't believe how many people are disagreeing with gamingdroid. He's absolutely right. Some people's lives don't revolve around games and have been busy. When you are busy doing stuff (you know, like work, school, etc.) you forget about little stuff like the Welcome Back offer. I totally forgot to get it and was going to get it yesterday but it was gone. Now because Sony realized that they worded their info incorrectly, I was able to get the free stuff. I also wanted to wait till the end to get the free month of PSN+ because I really didn't like what was offered last month. I wanted to see what they had this month.

So thanks Sony, for doing the right thing and extending it one more day. It's been hectic this past month FOR SOME.

Mr Tretton2720d ago

"So, I have been gone for almost two months"

Then were you even effected much by the outage?

gamingdroid2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Yes, I was. After being on the fence for a while I decided to get Portal 2 after all. Since I left in mid May, I still haven't activated the code for Steam access, which means I still don't have access to the game on my PC....

So in some ways, I'm actually still affected despite PSN being resolved.

Thanks for the support Veni & DARKrage34 . I was starting to wonder like am I the only one here that don't think this problem lies with the consumer?

nycredude2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )


Can you stop being a troll for one minute!?

I've been getting emails from sony for days now warning me of the end of the welcome back package. Do you even have a fucking psn account?

Sure you've gone 2 months yet have time to troll ps3 news right? You aren't playing games all day but on n4g trolling. If I spent that much time on n4g I would have time for games either.

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lodossrage2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

that's your own personal problem if you can't get it then, not Sony's.

Part of the reason it was for a full month was BECAUSE it gave people time to find a way to redeem their rewards. If you can't find a way to grab the stuff within a FULL month's time, that's your issue. I'm busy with work and school also, I sure as hell didn't find it TOO difficult to turn on my PS3 for a few minutes to download the freebies.

Hell, if you aren't home can't you find someone to download for you while you're away? You can even make a temp account on a friend's ps3 and put the stuff in your download queue to grab it.

The only failure I see in this is people taking an chance for granted and now are upset it won't be available to them anymore.

gamingdroid2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

and I never blamed Sony for my inability to get it, did I? Personally, I don't think it is enough time, but that is what they offer, end of story.

My complaint is to all the people saying well you had a month. That is no excuse for failing a promise of offering it "through July 3rd" and Sony didn't honor that. So it is f'in reasonable that they extend it for the people that expected it to be available and announce it.

I really don't get how it is suddenly the consumers fault for not doing it sooner. They were given THROUGH July 3rd and that should be honored because it didn't say through July 2nd, did it?

Now if you can find anything else, then I will retract my comment.

DARKrage342720d ago

I am with you gamingdroid...

I am away from my PS3 due to a service mission that I am on, and in no way can I have access to the store within time. So, having been loyal to the Playstation brand my whole life, I will not be allowed to take part in the 'Welcome Back program.'

I can't believe this is the first thing I stumble upon after being off N4G for a while. I don't see how so many people could disagree with you. There is more to life than games people. Live everything in moderation once in a while. ;)

I only wish they offered downloads available online the internet instead of logging into the PSN store or via remote play, which failed to work for me in my location :(

wenaldy2720d ago

One month is more than enough...

Jihaad_cpt2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )


MysticStrummer2720d ago

They had plenty of time to get their free stuff.

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