Five Overlooked PS3 Games YOU Should Play

Jake Rhodes takes a look at five great games on the PS3 that you have probably never played…but definitely should.

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Why o why2720d ago

Heavenly sword folklore and v chronicles should definitely be played. I didnt think dmc was all that impressive but fans of the series should play it. Missed out on enslaved so no comment on that one

InLaLaLand2718d ago

Yakuza is a great franchise from Sega only on the Playstation!!!

Dee_912718d ago

I love yakuza 4
I didnt like it at first because I was like ugh too much reading
but man that game is addicting
Enslaved and heavenly sword are both awesome I havent played the other ones

guitarded772718d ago

Trophy support for numbers 1-4 would have helped post launch sales... good games.

And yes, Yakuza is a great and very unique franchise.

MaxXAttaxX2718d ago

Also, the Yakuza could be there instead of DMC4/Enslaved/HS. They got what they deserved.

b163o12718d ago

I hate to say, but I skipped Yakuza. Hopefully they do a HD Collection.......

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disturbing_flame2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Valkyria Chronicles is totaly beast.

first time i've played it i was like meh, but when the concept and the gameplay are assimilated it's an awesome game.

A gem of this generation.

Biggest2718d ago

One of the best games I've played in a LONG time. I love both VC and VC2.

zerocrossing2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

I brought that for my little sis so unless I can convince her to let me play Im out of luck lol.

What's with the disagree? Im serious.

saoco2718d ago

im gonna have to give that one a go. is it a strategy game?

subtenko2718d ago

Call of one of the games that take attention away from other games that deserve attention...because thats all alot of people play, just a few games instead of finding out about these other great games out there on all consoles, new stuff instead of playing the same ol thing.

rustyspoon802718d ago

I have to agree. I find myself playing cod when I'd like to play other games. Still got plenty of games I haven't finished. Need to try and avoid the temptation to buy it cheap the launch week.

Miiikeyyy2718d ago

Alot of my friends younger brothers just Play COD all the time. The only games they own is COD 4,5 and 6. It's so sad.

mastiffchild2718d ago

Of the two NT games on here I'd go for HS WAY,WAY above Enslaved. Enslaved is a pretty game with some great voice acting and a decent script but as for it's platforming(rubbish)and combat(crap)you could totally leave them out and it would take literally ZERO from the experience because the game holds your hand more than an infant school road patrol. NT got everything right about things like character progression and even pacing but just forgot to put any actual game in it!

That some sites and some people think of it as some kind of lost gem while knocking HS(infinitely better as a GAME) for being a little short is amazing to me. Almost as amazing as the fact Capcom chose a team not known for amazing game play to reboot DMC, a series BUILT on outrageous and slick game play.

The other picks(apart from DMC4-who missed that that cared about it-and it was the worst since DMC2 anyway)are OK though with HS, VC and Folklore all brilliant games and folklore is TOTALLY over,looked. I'd give them all a trophy patch ,and a coupla ads and we'd see a lot of people raving about all three games. Then again, I also think that adding Move controls alongside the normal control patch for Lair, trophies and a mini map would allow Lair to be a bit of a cult hit these days. It stands up visually.

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Szarky2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

"The thing that I think harms the popularity of Valkryia Chronicles is that there is no trophy support. But stop being a trophy whore for awhile and you’ll be rewarded with one of the best games on the PS3."

I bet they would sell so many more copies if they addded trophies. Speaking strictly from a business move it would be a smart one you'd think.

bebojet2718d ago

Konami and Kojima should do the same thing with MGS4, I've been waiting for a trophy patch for a while.

trainsinrdr2718d ago

I cant stand kojima anymore.
He never listens to his fans.

bruddahmanmatt2718d ago

Get rid of DMC4 and Enslaved on this list seeing as they aren't PS3 exclusives and instead replace them with the Motorstorm series (EXTREMELY underrated) and 3d Dot Game Heroes.

bebojet2718d ago

@ Trainsinrdr

It's because they're too busy making HD remakes of games people played hundreds of times.

darthv722718d ago

i hear what you're saying but this isnt an "exclusives" list. Not to mention that it is this persons opinion which can differ from yours. It is nice they throw some multi's in there as it breaks up the whole exclusive this and that.

If you have a ps3 then there are loads of great "games" to be played on it regardless of stature.

Biggest2718d ago

Even still. MotorStorm and 3D Dot Heroes are much better games than DMC4 and Enslaved. All four games are somewhat overlooked.

Why o why2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Completed yakuza 3 and 4 but yeah, 3d dot game heros was the sh/t. I saved the pricess on my second play through but i effed up one of the items. One item can only be acquired by visiting a certain hut after each sage was found.....think i knew that sh/t. Pissed.. My sword filled the screen though. Beastly, felt like i was trolling every time i swung it

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thebudgetgamer2719d ago

i think Ferrari challenge is a really underrated racing game, very fun.

ian722719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Supercar challenge is also good, but it's basically the same game as Ferrari challenge, with a few different cars.

Kurisu2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

I have played all of those games, except DMC4. I found Valkyria Chronicles too challenging and I traded it in :( I also got rid of Folklore...which I regret! I loved using the sixaxis to pull souls! I don't think I even completed it...

Ane LOL at the Heavenly Sword comment "While the game is quite short (you can complete it in less than twenty hours)"

More like less than 7 xD

Perjoss2718d ago

It's a very short game but also a very good one. I prefer quality over quantity any day.

dragon822718d ago

Maybe if you play on easy. Try beating it inles than 7 hours on teh hardest difficulty.

Miiikeyyy2718d ago

Took me 4 hours, I was so dissapointed cus it was such a good game

Greywolfe19822719d ago

"While the game is quite short (you can complete it in less than twenty hours)"