Interview with EVE Online's creative director - GRTV

GRTV writes: "EVE Online has seen a lot of drama over the last couple of weeks, which saw some form of resolution this weekend when CCP and the CSM released two statements after two days of intense meetings.

Last month, during E3, we met with EVE Online's creative director Torfi Olafsson to discuss what was then the upcoming expansion Incarna and what it's been like to work with the latest incarnation of the Council of Stellar Management. As such, the "Monoclegate" as some have referred to it as had yet to happen at the time this interview was recorded."

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ATiElite2667d ago

Dam this interview, he needs to get back to work on Dust 514 for the PC.

it's already a forgone conclusion that it's coming to PC Gamers. Sure they didn't want PC Gamers leaving Eve to play Dust 514 but they have NO choice now seeing how M$ will not let them host their own servers so no 360 Gamers and PS3 Gamers just do not maintain a healthy FPS community plus PC Gamers want it.

I think CCP was wrong for not making it a PC Game in the first place. Pandering to consolers doesn't always work....insert Crysis 2 here.