Channel 5 rapped over 'noisy' PlayStation 3 credits

Richard Desmond's Channel 5 has been censured by Ofcom for airing "excessively noisy" sponsorship credits for Sony's PlayStation 3 console around Five Movies.

Sony Computer Entertainment agreed a 12-month deal in January with Channel 5 for the PS3 brand to appear alongside primetime movies on Channel 5, 5* and Five USA.

Media regulator Ofcom received 17 complaints about the loudness of the sponsorship credits broadcast around Five Movies between February 3 and March 15.

After conducting technical assessment of the credits, Ofcom found them to be "excessively noisy" and in breach of guidelines that credits should not be louder than any programming on the channel.

Channel 5 said that the technical assessment of all its sponsorship credits, channel promotions and commercials is outsourced to a third-party company, which failed to carry out the appropriate subjective loudness test due to "human error".

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Kurisu2720d ago

17 complaints? I'm surprised 5 gets that many viewers.

coolfool2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

This is a little crazy. Two things, adverts are always played louder than movies (despite what ofcom guidelines say)and two, the adverts as really no loader than an action movie anyway.

I think the problem arises when the play the PS advert for an action game (at the moment it's Infamous 2) with a more sedate movie. The contrast can be a little jarring.

forcefullpower2719d ago

Completly agree. Most adverts are a lot loader than the TV programs. As you said ofcom dont seem to care unless someone complains.

It done on purpose to be louder so you what them.

Why o why2719d ago

the increase the volume is also used to make the viewers and/or people around who aren't viewing to pay attention. I works, tried and trusted formula. Even if whats being advertised isnt interesting to the listener/viewer sections are usually embedded like a seed being planted. Other tactics are used on the other end to make you consume/apply/sign up whatever.

xtremegamerage2719d ago

All these stupid channels show is the same thing, from corrie,eastenders,emerdale.

All these programs are based around pubs, does anyone ever do anything else,lol.

And seriously moaning about noise, ROFL.

StayStatic2719d ago

Time to complain about people complaining

NanoSoldier2719d ago

I always look in the fridge during commercial break. I hate commercials. There are just a few which are really good in some countries.

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