GamersGameplay: Disgaea 4 Preview

GamersGameplay: The Disgaea series has a reputation for extreme leveling, tedious grinding, and insane gameplay. The main character this time around is a vampire named Valvatorez who is trying to become president of the Netherworld, thus a political theme is a focus for this installment.

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Robotronfiend2717d ago

I can't wait for this one! I hope they put something on the Vita as well. I played a ton of Disgaea on my PSP over the years. I'd love to see a special item world level exit on the D4 on the PS3 lead to a special level or event that takes place on the Vita.

SteveThe1ne2717d ago

That is definitely a good idea. I believe they will show the PSVita some love down the road. We'll see how it goes though, they supported the PSP with some great releases so it's not far fetched.

zinkabass2717d ago

yes ,.. This definitely should come on Vita as well,.. It would look so damn great on that Oled screen,.. And Disgaea is addicting as crack,..

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maniacmayhem2717d ago

Cant wait! Love this series. I just wish they would bring back Laharal as the main character.

SteveThe1ne2717d ago

Yea! One day hopefully. I'm always glad to see his appearance in the other Disgaea games though.