Crytek Working On CryEngine Mobile Tech And Games

NowGamer: Crytek wants to support all major platforms, including mobile, according to co-founder Avni Yerli

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TimmyShire2424d ago

As a regular iPad gamer, this is very exciting prosect. With Epic and id already impressing, I'd like to see what Crytek do.

skyward2424d ago

If Rage can hit the iPad surely Crysis can? Easy, right?

Gray-Fox-Type02424d ago

good luck to them, Crytek make nice games with supreb graphics, I would like them to pump quality graphical games if opening up to more platforms will make them more money thus better games. As there games don't sell much as they want.

fastrez2424d ago

Crysis mobile? Would likely be an on rails shooter.

tubers2424d ago

Will probably be a milestone achievement if they're gonna do a VITA/PSP2 game.

VampiricDragon2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

they might as well considering theyve been going downhill since farcry 1. All they can do is good graphics, good gameplay escapes them