Battlefield 3: More than 30 new screenshots

Here are some new screenshots of Battlefield 3. Sure they are from the trailers. But it's very good quality. Just take a look.

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thematrix12982721d ago

This article sucks they ripped screenshots off the demo video.

Crazyglues2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

Yeah New my a$$,

-they should have just said same old screens taken from the multi-player video that's been out... -oh yeah, but then no one would have clicked on it.. LoL


CrimsonEngage2721d ago

Someone make a meme out of this-

Take pictures of shit we have already seen?

<insert retarded animal picture here>

Call it new.

Coffin872720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

There you go. Technologically Impaired Duck.

fooxy2721d ago

Yes ! New old shit again... blah :<

TekoIie2721d ago

30 new screenshots of gameplay we've already seen... GENIUS!

Oldman1002721d ago

All i see is 10 and old. The title is nothing but a lie, i'm amazed this got approved.

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