Gran Turismo 5 - Music Guideline

A complete music guideline of Gran Turismo 5 with the list of all the available tracks in this game.

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pumal2697d ago

Haha who can even focus on the music when the graphics are so beautiful.

MidnytRain2697d ago

I don't think so, this music is brilliant. It's the Baby remix by Breakbot.

InLaLaLand2696d ago

Night Birds is a great track in the dealership. The other pre-race track is great. The first thing I did in GT5 was go to the music library lol. Love the lounge and Jazz music.

lazertroy2697d ago

I use in-game music. Bone thugs and harmony thuggish ruggish bone plays in the menu.

Redempteur2697d ago

i have no complains about GT5 music can even turn off teh track you dislike . or go custom music

opoikl2697d ago

Custom soundtrack is one of the most enjoyable things in the game. Brahms symphonies for the endurance races and Liberty Rock Radio/V-Rock for A-spec. If it weren't for the custom music, I probably would've stopped playing a long time ago.

Ddouble2696d ago

Wingy is my favourite song in the game.