Five reasons for dreading Modern Warfare 3

Megabits of Gaming writes: "As time tentatively ticks towards its release and the MW3 juggernaut gathers pace, websites and news feeds seem to offer little besides 24 hour Call of Duty coverage. We’re not talking drips and drabs here either. No. This is remorseless “grenades-from-Heart-of-the-Re ich-on-veteran” style super-spamming. Campaign plot details and multiplayer necessities are forgivable, but recycled HD screenshot galleries comparing and contrasting weapon recoil? Thanks, but no thanks."

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zealottt2724d ago

I will be playing Battlefield 3 like any normal gamer.

MW3 will be filled with screaming 14 year old kids who think they're good at FPS's.

4221852724d ago

Yeah, Me and 3 of my friends have decided to buy Battlefield 3 instead of this garbage.

By the way my other friends have bought a COD game in the past except me, They finally saw the light.

Reiko2724d ago

am definitely not going to buy this. Every game is identical and quickly gets boring. Think of a new IP please!!!

Ibwib2724d ago

Two infantry levels, a sniper mission, two infantry levels, a vehicle level, two infan...blah blah blah.

Ibwib2724d ago

You know, I disliked Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 but loved World at War, so I just figured I was more a Treyarch guy. Then I played CoD:Blops, and figured maybe I just wasn't a CoD fan ata all, and that CoD 2 and 5 were just exceptions.

Bojeeva2724d ago

Loved the other Modern Warfares but the hype machine is kind of annoying. Still, I'll no doubt find myself buying it as usual and getting grenade spammed

capaldof2724d ago

I don't think you can dread a new game from a series which is genuinely brilliant. If developers keep making excellent products which stop people from buying poorly produced tat then I can only see it lifting the quality of all games in the future.

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The story is too old to be commented.