Top 5 comics begging to be games

Megabits of Gaming writes: "We’ve set out not just to list the five comic book properties we’d most like to see adapted into video game form, but also the existing games that would provide the perfect template for the adaptations. We’d never advocate simply re-skinning existing games, but taking a well-realised game and grafting some character specific mechanics onto it could be a recipe for some right crackers."

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Yi-Long2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

... although GI Joe should absolutely be done in a Battlefield type game :)

I'd also love to see Ubisoft or any other proper developer picking up the rights to the french comic Lanfeust of Troy, for a huge epic fantasy-adventure.

Ibwib2720d ago

True, there's loads of Bandes Dessinee that would work as games.

I did think that GI Joe might make a good FPS, but it just seems that there are so many FPS games already, and the RTS idea makes use of the sheer array of character types. You're right though, the class based nature of Battlefield is the next best option for exploiting all the different skillsets on offer.

Reiko2720d ago

Would love to see Akira come in sandbox form. Hell yeah!

Kurt Russell2719d ago

I'd like a Road Rash spinoff from it :)

capaldof2720d ago

Good list - especially like the GI Joe idea - very amusing - I think we are also missing a Desperate Dan/Red Dead Redemption game!!!

Ibwib2720d ago

Hah hah,British humour comics could be hilarious-imagine a Numbskulls or Billy Whizz game.

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