Gamespot Reviews Battalion Wars 2

This sequel to Nintendo's console wargame wages a much more successful campaign on free time.

Score 7.5

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freakyzeeky4007d ago

OMG! They're teh biased against Nintendo too! :O

TruthbeTold4007d ago

...In order to further their points about Ratchet and Clank.

"See? We're not biased, we just have a higher standard."

I'm not saying at all that this game deserves more than an 8.5 (I own it and it's great imo), but I suspect that we'll have to have brain-jack (like on the Matrix) games in order for them to give a high grade now. :D
I wonder how long Gamespot will remain relevant? This is weird.

Drano4007d ago

What is that supposed to mean? If they're not "having their fun" with it, they're not giving a good score? It's pretty arrogant to mention "higher standarts" when each time they submit a review about a popular game they trigger a riot on about every gaming forum on the Web. All this for their "higher standarts", oh that's freaking great. According to them, my whole library of games is 'average' at best!

Jump Beyond.

hadouken0074007d ago

just put halo on every title and you'll get 9.5.

Wii60PS3DSPSP4007d ago

Maybe that would help Ratchet and Clanks score lol.

hadouken0074007d ago

so u do agree laugh out louder.

Drano4007d ago

If it's a good game but not a Sci-Fi Shooter on Xbox360, it's going to be a 7.5. I would laugh my @ss off if Insomniac could just put a Haloesque planet in the next installment of Ratchet and Clank to have a better score with Gamespot.

Jump Beyond.

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