'Huge challenges ahead' for Wii U, says Nintendo

Nintendo faces a massive task in educating consumers about what exactly its upcoming Wii successor, the Wii U, is capable of, Katsuya Eguchi, game designer and manager at Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development has told Edge magazine.

Asked if Nintendo faces similar challenges posed by the 3DS, in communicating the Wii U's unique qualities, Eguchi said: "You're absolutely right, those are just some of the huge challenges ahead of us - getting people to really understand what Wii U can offer."

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Pedobear Rocks2575d ago

Show the DS on the ad...then pan to someone holding the tab in their hand and their TV as the top screen in the background.

Pretty simple concept.

charmer2574d ago

show an ipad, tv and actually just show the demos from e3 which were someone in the bathroom playing the game connected to a tv...then show someone changing the tv channel and the person still playing.

Inside_out2574d ago

I think Niny will find that they have hit the saturation point with all the white stuff laying around that have the Wii logo on them.

People are moving away from all the clutter and are heading for all the `cloud ` stuff that is all about streamlining the gaming experience. When you see something like the Onlive set up, you can`t help but think that this is the future I`m looking at. Kinect doesn't have anything but a camera. Niny`s demographic is the same as Kinects...which one do you think mom wants in the living room keeping the kiddies entertained while she cooks lunch.

I mean just look at that a couple of wii motes, a fishing rod, golf club and a patriarch in a pear tree and you start to get the picture. Kinect is a camera and a whisper quite 360 S. I just think Niny has gotten all happy with the gadgets and are losing site of their motto that made them the console to beat...MORE FUN, LESS MONEY...M$ is going to add...LESS CLUTTER to that motto.

Sony is kinda of in the middle...they have a camera, Move-chucks...but the total price point for a couple controllers and a PS3 raises the eyebrows

Valk2574d ago

LOL Love how you bring up Sony when they offer DS3, Sixaxis, Move, Move Gun, Move rifle, Move racket etc yet you act as if they do not exist.

You obviously are clueless about this. Kinect isnt a controller. Can you play COD or Gears using only Kinect? No yet you act as if you can.

Sad that instead of adding to the discussion you go off spouting BS you cant even get right.

Ness-Psi2574d ago

"a patriarch in a pear tree" did you mean a partridge? if not that must be some strong tree to hold a patriarch lol. and a patriarch of what?? gaming peripherals lol.

jacksonmichael2574d ago

My guess is that he meant parent, which would support what he said about keeping the children in the living room while their parent cooks.

So really, he's complaining that people can use the Wii and Kinect as a babysitting tool... Which is stupid. Because Move, or even TV in general, could be used the same way.

2574d ago
dredgewalker2574d ago

Just show the games and people that are interested will come buying it.

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